September 8, 2007


Tomorrow is the Long Beach Island Beach Plum Festival.
From the official LBI site:
"Shaped by storm and tides, Island Beach State Park is a narrow barrier island stretching for 10 miles between the restless Atlantic Ocean and the historic Barnegat Bay. Island Beach is one of New Jersey's last significant remnants of a barrier island ecosystem that once existed along much of the coast and is also one of the few remaining undeveloped barrier beaches on the north Atlantic coast. Over 3,000 acres and 10 miles of coastal dunes remain almost untouched since Henry Hudson first described New Jersey's coast from the ship, the Half Moon, in 1609."
And when they say dunes, they mean dunes. These suckers are huge ! It can be quite a trek getting up some of them.

You can pick some beach plums, see some exhibits, have fun and games , walk the beach, picnic and have a great time.

So if you are in NJ and want something to do tomorrow, its a nice day at the beach God willing and the creek don't rise as my mother used to say.
They have demonstrations of various kinds, and I hear they will have bird banding for people to take part in. Sounds kind of interesting. We will see I suppose.
My friend exhibits her photography on the island at the St Francis Church which holds a huge art show every year. People can browse or buy photos, paintings and many other different kinds of art.
My friend wants me to go with her tomorrow for the Beach Plum Festivities, but, there is a tropical storm, Gabrielle heading up the coast so it will depend on the weather as to "whether" we go!

This photo is a nice Mako shark in Barnegat Inlet by the lighthouse.

Maybe you can meet him tomorrow too! Fun for the whole family!


  1. ummm if he's a shark maybe i'd rather not meet him,...what's so nice about him anyway?

  2. He is a polite shark. He swims close so you can photograph him. I think thats pretty nice. ;)

  3. yes but what's his motivation?

  4. What a lovely picture. It must be so cool living near the ocean.

    The shark's motivation? Maybe he wants to be the inspiration of the next Free Willy type movie starring him of course. Don't be so suspicious there, Sultan lol.


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