September 9, 2007

The Cana Lily Blossom

Raining and dark!
trying to wake up today.

It's dark gray and rainy out today, remnants of Gabrielle running herself up the eastern coastline.
I had promised some friends to post a photo of the Cana Lily when it bloomed in the new pond and here it is. The edges of this new pond are not yet overgrown with moss so you can see the preformed edges still. This too shall pass!
But, isnt this lily grand? This photo was taken by my friend for me.

Here are some of my fish.These are in the large pond out back. The average size is a foot long, some larger, some smaller, some orange, some white, some pale lemon yellow and the pale yellow are lovely. This is in the larger pond, not the one with the Cana lily. This is my own photo.
I have Shebunkin and Comets and Veil tails ( oh those long tails are so lovely) and they seem to winter over better than Koi. They are more hardy and just as pretty I think.
I don't lose fish, I gain them!! I cant stop them from multiplying!


  1. the lily is beautiful, a single flower blazing gloriously over your pond

    thank you for sharing it

  2. :) Glad you enjoyed seeing it.

  3. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be looking at the lily, but the little boy and girl with the book in the background is sooo cute!!! :]

    PS: Jeff says he'd like to eat your fish. He thinks you have too many.

  4. Hi Annie! Your pond is lovely and so is the Cana Lily and the fish. Do they stay outdoors thru the winter or do you hve to bring them in? My Canadian friend brings hers inside and puts them in an aquarium for the winter. I have the greatest photo of koi from our trip to Kauai. If this was Haloscan, I could link it up for you. :) Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Yo..
    Let Jeff the Cat Try!! I am prepared and Garfield and Sandy will lie in wait. Those chubbo boys of mine are big kitties.

  6. Hey Darylynn,
    The fist winter over in the back pond since its over 3 1/2 ft deep.
    The front is just new and has not gone through a winter yet . I will heat it though and we will see.
    There are 20 babies in it now too.sign.
    I envy your trip to Kauai!!

  7. Oooooo I love the fish!

  8. Jeff has a cold at the moment and swears he can "blow" them away. ROFL....Jeff is disgusting when he doesn't feel well. I wish he'd stop sneezing on me.


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