October 21, 2007

I spend Sunday mornings cleaning up the kitchen from shabbat the day before.
I make food on Friday afternoon, put it in the crock pot for shabbat, set the table with the bone china, crystal and silver and relax. Even when its only me, I set the dining table to eat to make it special.

This is a photo of the Longaberger Basket Co. in Ohio. All of their office buildings are in the shape of their baskets. It must be a fun place to work and doesn't it look nice? I love that it's not just one more blight on the land like so many of the concrete boxes and strip malls that ruin the countryside. Looking at the building you await the giant picnickers to return for lunch at any minute!
I would love to see towns implement building codes that include what you can build and how. Not to the exclusion of anyone, in other words, not so restrictive that anyone is left out, but, restrictive in the sense that the personality of a town has to be preserved. No more ugly Wal Marts, Mc Donalds and strip malls of corregated steel and concrete. I am sure they could find architects to do a better job in blending couldn't they?
Even the homes being built today lack personality and seem to follow a standard plan. I would love to see a return to houses that have more personality outside as well as in. Maybe too many "basket buildings" would be annoying also but, it does seem to be preferable .
Last week I took the Cana Lily inside the house and placed it in a Japanese "gold fish pot" to winter over. I still must bring in the Nile Lily "Anatares" which is too exotic to stay out . I was sure it would get cold, but yesterday I found the white violets in a mass of blooms outback and several summer flowers bursting into bloom also! At 77° it is warm enough for sure. Its incongrous to see the brilliant red and gold leaves as a backdrop for the blooming flowers, but what a spectacular image it makes.
I wish my camera would come in soon. I have ordered a Canon digital with the gift certificate I was given and I can't wait to begin using it.


  1. Nice building. Someone ought to build a structure in the shape of a toilet bowl, muddy brown in color, to replace the burnt out (insurance job?) NK headquarters in Monsey!

  2. Well its a thought!
    Ever considered architecture as a new venture ?

  3. I love that building too.
    There are some here by us in unusual shapes.
    I am old enough to remember the Brown Derby in California .

  4. Hi Annie!

    I will have to point out to Jessica that she could've had twins! I'm sure she would faint at the thought! As it is, she says she has a baby permanently attached to her... think of two!

    I have a collection of Longaberger Baskets. :) I like the imagery of giant picnickers... and giant ants! :lol:

    Have a great day! (((Hugz)))

  5. LOL at the giant ants and people but it does seem like someone just left that basket there.
    Nice post.

  6. if i ever went there, i would probably be disappointed if the building wasn't filled with pie and sandwiches

  7. Homer Simpson25 October, 2007

    mmmmmm, pie


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