November 13, 2007

"Animations and Chipmunk Ninjas"

I redrew faces and animated some of the Bless These Chicks avatars which are so cute.

They look just like me!! Sort of...........almost. Well, ok, they don't but, they are cute.

Here is a short video that goes along with Yobeeone's video of her cat Jeff the mighty hunter with his chipmunk victim! This, however, is a Ninja Chipmunk who faces down and defeats a cat!! What a brave little guy. I have several families of chipmunks in the yard and the kids named them Chip, Dale, Alvin, Theodore and Simon.Not so original but then the ground hog is named Mr. Beaver and loves my ziti.That is a whole other tale for another time.
I don't know that I would have stood there filming though, I would have scared off the cat. I am a complete underdog fan in that regard.

Take care!


  1. well sometimes the chipmunk has got to the the macabee

  2. Cool! He's tough!

    I would have been rescuing the chipper, rather like the other day when Bindi was about to pounce a sparrow. I ran out the door waving my arms yelling for it to fly away. Bindi wasn't happy. :]


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