December 20, 2007

The New Appliances Arrive

its really chilly outside!
Busy week , working on my little house...and I do mean little!

My new washer and dryer are Here!!My dirty days are over. You remember I told you all how my washer and dryer died along with my heat.. oh my.
I got the Whirlpool Duet front loaders with pedestal drawers underneath and they do everything for you but brush your teeth three times a day!
I am very pleased with them. The doors are chest high on me and so no bending over to put clothing in, or take out. The dryer door opens in a complimentary fashion to the washer so you can just toss from one to the other. I was surprised by how little water they use!

Here is one of the pedestal drawers, they are very wide, very deep and will accomodate about 6 gallon bottles of detergent all in all. You can see the new floor under them also which is not complete yet but soon will be.
I am also painting the walls a clean white made especially for laundry and bathrooms and it is mildew and stain resistant. I will be repainting the rest of the house a very pale Provencale yellow color which should go well. There is a whole lot of work to do and I am tackling things little by little . I am pretty handy with repairs and installations..(she said as things crashed to the floor.)

The drawer under the washer has just as much room under this bumpy thingy in which I store fabric softener sheets for the dryer.
I am fortunate to have a decent sized laundry room that leads to the back porch and yard. Its bright and has cabinets which don't show in the photos over the washer and dryer.They store things I don't use too often.
Next project will be new floors through out in laminate wood , new sofits and gutters, and new countertop and sink in the kitchen and finally a new central hot water baseboard heating system. Oh baby!!


  1. the new washers look great, may you see much use from them for a long time and in good health

  2. I love the new washer and dryer they are really clean looking.
    Enjoy doing laundry in them.

  3. I covet your washer and dryer...and floor and the fact that's nice sized room! :]

  4. Don't covet the credit payments on them..sigh.
    Whole place is around 1100 sq feet, so not a big place.
    But laundry is not bad at 7ft wide by 12 ft long..with extra 4 ft in alcove for the appliances.Not large by big house standards but serviceable for me.

  5. Nice machines. Are they strong enough to wash the dirt off a politician?

    Have you painted yet? You might want to consider an anti-mildew primer given your location so close to the water (and your pond).

  6. I am using mildew preventive paint made special for baths and laundry rooms.
    I can't believe I have such a nice washer and dryer. I am loving do my wash LOL.
    I will stick a politician in and see though.

  7. Hi Annie! Love your new washer/dryer duo. We're in the market for the same and are looking at the ones with the pedestals. Annoying that they charge so much extra for them. A friend of ours built stands himself for them but I admit I'd want the ones that come with. ;) Happy 2008! (((Hugz)))


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