January 8, 2008

Jane Austen Returns to PBS

Oh great day in the morning! Really this is just marvellous and for those who are Jane Austen fans this will be over indulgence on a mega plane!
Pour the tea, make the cupcakes(fairy cakes for you Brits), put out the lights , pull up the big leather chair and an afghan and get outta the way! How long will this go on? It will be a few weeks at least and all crammed up with romance.

Jane Austen was not considered a great author by anyone but her fans who number into the mega millions today, especially among women. It is the deep romance in them and the understanding of women and their feelings that pushes her high on women's list of authors. I can read all the psychological thrillers and historic nonsense other authors put out there but, they are information and diversion. Jane Austen speaks to a woman's soul. And, she speaks of a world much better in some way than now. It is so refreshing to see a world where romance was held as a fine art. That is how it should be. Business applied, yes. A good marriage in those days was a necessity for a woman. Her father could support her only so long and a good match would be one of similar or better station in life, adequate money, comfortable situation etc. This is the business end of marriage. But, for women that is not enough. They dream of romance in their life above all else.
If you have never seen these programs, watch. If you have see them again for good measure and you will never be sorry.


  1. A new documentary is also going to be on PBS soon. It's 'The Jewish Americans' A Triumphant Tale. There is an article about it online, in this weeks Washington Post.

  2. I cant wait Persuasion on tomorrow night!

  3. Hi Annie! That's great that there are 4 new adaptations! I love both versions of Pride & Prejudice that I've seen. Have a great rest of the week! (((Hugz)))


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