January 17, 2008

Warmth and Light

I love warm light at night, don't you? I think its the coziest thing about a house. I love rich dark wood and mellow golds because they seem to be welcoming. And, doesn't that seem especially true in the winter when its crisp and cold outside and then you see warm golden light spilling out
of a house onto the street and there is such a warmth that glows. Inside warm golden light creates a cozy atmosphere too. I am upset that they want to make it mandatory to use the new flourescent bulbs. First of all flourescent light gives me headaches, as it does many who have had head injury. Second if you break one you must vacate the room for half an hour or so til its cleaned up.
One woman in California had to hire a hazmat company to clean it up at a cost of $2000. The mercury vapor inside those bulbs is toxic and can be deadly! So the trade off is saving a bit of energy, because they don't save all that much vs toxic bulbs and danger in your home. I think its silly myself. Guess I better stock up on normal bulbs! I have tried the others and the light they give is not good enough for me. I just cant see with them properly and as I said there are thousands of us who do get bad headaches from them. I am all for saving the environment. I recycle diligently, I save water (no I dont shower with a friend lol), I make waste foods into compost and I use electricity sensibly.But I do think forcing those bulbs might be a bit much.
See the wooden box on the table? I got it when I purchased some Pheromone perfume by Marilyn Miglin.
Its the handiest thing in the world. I keep my keys and sunglasses inside and now I never mislay them! The monkey bookends are ones I gilded with gold leaf from Rag Shop and hold my antique set of McGuffeys Readers.
Well off to sleep.


  1. Hi Annie! Your lamp and wooden box do make a nice cozy coner. My daughter's new MIL is a big Tiffany lamp fanatic so now Jessica has 2 Tiffany table lamps and a floor lamp. Sounds like you do a great job of recycling and doing things for the environment. :)

  2. the quality of the light is lovely and warm and welcoming

  3. I used to be a fan of those fluorescent bulbs - they are a big hit in Crown Heights and now they are coming in big here in Ukraine. That all ended when I turned on the light in my office bathroom and it died with a loud frightening POP as if something broke. If the bulb did burst I did not see the break but I don't want the possible hazard again. My energy costs are still low here, so I went right back to regular bulbs.


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