February 19, 2008

I got interested in makeup recently .. watching a lot of how to videos that are new on youtube by young ladies who are quite good. The heavy high pigment color look of the smokey eye is great but for young women really who can carry it off more. Older women need a softer look I think. Mac cosmetics are highly pigmented and perfect for the smokey look in eyes.

Elizabeth Mitchell to the left in heavy eye makeup. What is she thinking? She hardly looks like the character of Juliet she plays on "Lost". Smudged smokey eyes are all the rage right now especially with younger people but, hey, there comes a time when its a bit much and subtle is so much nicer on older woman, if 38 is 'older' and I think it is.

So I softened up a photo of Elizabeth in photoshop. She looks nicer with less makeup I think.
As Juliet and in other photos Elizabeth has a gentle charming look , pastel and lovely.

Joan Van Ark seems to have plumped up her lips and gotten some terrible reaction to it. Her mouth area looks bruised and then covered with make up to hide it but, the makeup job is pretty bad over all. There are makeups specifically for birthmarks and burns that completely cover in a lovely way, but this isn't it.
I wish women would be happy with their age and not try to over come it and look half their age with surgeries and shots.
Bruising is clearly evident around her poor mouth. I feel bad for her. Hopefully it clears up and things will be ok for her.

I worry about what all this youth culture is doing to women in general. It drives them to all the wrong things I feel. Age isnt ugly and women have charm and attractiveness at all ages , its just this youth worship has gone overboard.

What happened to the wisdom and mellowness of age that were once prized?


  1. well women used to use arsenic, today it's botox... the beauty and fashion industry is insane and lives on selling fear

  2. I feel the same way. I think the obsession with youth is going too far. I am with you, hope Van Ark clears up and its temporary. She seems like a sweet person.

  3. I think the smokey eye look on older women makes them look like prostitutes. :]

    It is sad though that some women feel the need to try to look like teens when they're in their 40's+.

    It's not exactly exciting watching your neck begin to look like a piece of artwork by Helen Keller (or stevie wonder).

    It's not fun watching spots form on the skin and trying to convince yourself that it's late blooming freckles.

    But, hey! It's a part of life. The cruel part. lol

    On the other hand, it beats the way the male of the species deals with aging - they try to date girls young enough to be their daughters. :]


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