April 29, 2008

Photographing the Pond

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This afternoon by the pond.

It's all filled with fresh rainwater and spring water from the well.
From ground level I photographed the pond from one side. I enjoy these ponds more than anyone could know.

As the sun was setting tonight I took some more photos.

I like the reflection of the rock and plants.

In this you can see the fish under the water.

Taken earlier in the day through some flowers .

The pond is bigger than it seems to look here.

The stones on the left are small boulders of pink and white quartz.

Pond with the woods behind


  1. wow these are fantastic photos, especially the first and the last... which looks like a Tahitian paradise outright

  2. does Hula..
    Thanks Sailor!

  3. Now all you need is a nice, round, cuddly bear to complete the picture and keep the fish from multiplying beyond what the pond can hold. There is a 700 pound boy who is available - he just has a bad habit of offing his trainers but the frog should be a match for him!

  4. Bear! A must have for fish control , yes!

  5. The photos are incredible! Even more! I can see the eyes of the Jersey Devil in the woods! Does he eat your fish?

  6. I made a pact with da Debil and he stays away!!
    Honestly some of the stories I have heard from people are too real and too scary. Something is out there.
    I know a friend who had a farm south of me saw huge paw prints. turned out to be a tiger who had escaped or soemthing. no one ever found him though.
    But you hear and see some weird stuff in the pine barrens you just do. Millions of acres for things to hide there. brrrr


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