May 12, 2008

The Nor'Easter

We are in the midst of a Nor' Easter that has being blowing hard and raining hard all day and last night and into tonight. The wind is only now dying down a bit. I took some photos this afternoon during a lull in the rain . Its chilly , wet and windy. Wind roared all night long.
Bushes are down, tree limbs are down, things are flooded .
Waves are crashing and eroding the shore and all in all not as horrible as the Perfect Storm of '91 but still a bit of a doozy. (that's the one they made the movie about and yes it hit here )

The arbor in the front blew into many pieces. Its metal but still it was in pieces . The photo shows how twisted it became but you cannot see the pieces that are all over the yard and street.

It really took a beating.
The sukkah still stands and is covered with wisteria! It drips down inside and looks so pretty.
If the photos look blurry it is the rain which was coming down pretty good while I was shooting and the air was misty as well. I am glad the storm didnt harm the Wisteria. Its tough though but still its a blessing to see it still all in one place.

I will look at the beach tomorrow and see how much is still hanging on.


  1. you can almost feel the wind, rain and chill in your photos... in a good way :)

  2. and great shots of the wisteria crowning it in purple glory

  3. wow what a mess (says she of the late blog reading and wondering why bloglines isn't picking up the updates.).

    Were you able to repair the arbor? The sukkah gets the award for most beautiful! :]

    As for the "Perfect Storm." I spent the whole movie cringing and gripping the sides of the chair.

  4. B"H

    Perhaps all you'd have to do is leave the wisteria where it is, and just make cuts removing it from the plant. Then you have ready made schach. I'm not sure if the blossoms would have dried, dropped and/or made a mess by then, though, which would be a vote for removing it entirely.

  5. Blossoms do drop off early and get swept out.
    It grows to cover the top of the sukkah each year. Its amazing how fast it comes back even though I cut it off each year before sukkot.


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