May 6, 2008

A Wonderful Afternoon

Violaters need not worry as they will be just fine!!
It is always nice to know exactly where you stand with the powers that be isn't it?
I wonder if this would be a good defense for crabbers to use in court?

I don't eat the things myself. But they are popular enough with many that they need protection or they would fish them out of existance it seems.

The water is bluer than blue, the day clear and clean and the smell of cedar and lilac over the salt water are a luxury!
Everything by the Cottage by the Sea is beginning to wake up from its winter sleep and bloom and blossom again. Bunnies are running around at twilight to munch on the new shoots of green grasses that grow along islands center.
Sailboats are once again gliding along the horizon and the wonderful sound of motorboats in the distance fills the air.
It will not be long until the peace and quite is broken by tourists eager to share what we have all year long.
By about July we are really anxious for September so we can have it all back to ourselves.
The sea refreshes you inside and out. It is a cleanser of mind and body.


  1. i think that sign would even put einstein off crab fishing

    lovely area and nice header too

  2. Hi, noticed that you like Jane Austin. In the UK the BBC just aired this latest drama.

    I don't think it has hit the states yet.

  3. Thanks Pounce, :) . Yes I am a fan of Jane Austen's novels and I love the BBC's efforts!
    Thank you for the notice. It is much appreciated.


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