June 4, 2008

Day Time Doing's

Mr Gull had a pretty large catch here. The other birds ran around screetching at him to share but he tried to swallow the whole fish in one gulp. He didn't make it though.
The top of the sukkah is almost covered over with wisteria! It will be cut away in the fall from its tree but for now it looks very pretty. It hangs down inside and the smell is wonderful .

I always saw this growing up high into huge trees along the roads and longed to have a plant. A few years ago a dear friend gave me one as a gift and now it just went bananas with growth. It is all over the place.
It is nice to sit inside here anytime and just enjoy the warm days.

This is the bright orange-red Scotch Broom. It has a nice odor to it. All of the broom plants are top heavy now. I am not sure if it needs cutting back or not. I love the rich color. Its like a bunch of little jewels.

It looks like this was taken at night, but it was really late late afternoon.


  1. all your scotch brooms are belong to me!

    seriously though lovely photos as usual and this is the season for the green

  2. thanks
    returns his brooms...removes dust first.

  3. these brooms are way too nice to broom with


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