July 11, 2008

July Trumpets In

bright moon night!

I updated the post below's video with the new thursday one. Interesting again.
Don't worry it's just a passing fancy. I am simply curious about why it is seeming to fit right now.

The Trumpet vines are beginning to bloom. They are wild by the bay as are climbing beach roses. These vines attract so many Hummingbirds.

At this time of year people almost live on their boats in the lagoon.
I love to hear the sounds at night of glasses clinking and soft music wafting to shore. I love to see the fairy lights of the boats twinkling on the water light lightning bugs.


  1. James Hadley11 July, 2008

    Right then, quite a lovely blog.
    I can imagine the romantic feel of such an evening if spent in the company of a lovely woman.

  2. I've always thought that would be the coolest way to spend a summer - living in a boat and sailing up and down the coast...except I get mamash seasick, but it'd still be worth it. :]

  3. a lovely sight to frame the shore, almost if the boat pauses there long enough the vines will overgrow it


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