September 11, 2008

End of Season

sunny day here by the bay
You are just in time for a cup of tea!

Tourists have gone home and the summer residents are mainly gone and will come down only for weekends now through October if the sunshine holds.
Boaters will go til the bay freezes over, if it does this year. Farmer's almanac says it will be quite a cold winter all across the nation so, it just might.
I have seen people drive across the bay to the barrier island . Well, some people are not bright I think.

Barnegat bay is resting now. Gulls take over where people once sat and the bunnies that populate our little island here are relieved since the tourists don't give them carrots.
Now we year rounders come out and reclaim our beaches and our private swimming spots. We have our morning coffee by the water in quiet now and women with pre-schoolers dominate the beaches now.
Not that we don't like the tourists or the summer residents, we do! They are our lively hood and we appreciate them. We miss some of them who become good friends along the way.
But there is something to the serious quiet that descends at the end of the summer. The sounds mellow out quite a bit and it can be refreshing just to hear..nothing much for a time.

In the lagoon sail boat owners will still anchor for the weekends and spend romantic nights on board under the stars til its just too chilly to do anymore

I love September and October on the bay.


  1. Hi Annie! Very poetic entry. Love the little gazebo scene. Our Southern California becaches don't change much after summer and you'll find beachgoers sunning themselves year round. (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie! I went to Darylynn's blog & found your blog. You have a wonderful way of writing! I agree with Darylynn - such a poetic entry. My dream place to live would be by the ocean. You are blessed!

    There is so much I wanted to comment on - I read & read. Your sweet dog looks so precious - how sad that he can't see well now, nor hear.

    I also love blue & yellow together. What a beautiful picture you posted for that!

    So glad you visited my blog & allowed me to return the visit Annie. Hugs!

  3. things are shaping up to be quiet pleasant and quiet by you at the shore


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