October 28, 2008

It's a Blustery Pooh Day

small craft advisory in effect.
Its chilly, rainy and blustery outside, just like a classic Winnie the Pooh blustery day. A very October day too though Octobers in the last few years here have been more summery than autumny. With Halloween only a few days away I hope it clears up for the children who go will be going out. In this town, which is a now growing, once rural fishing/farming community. They organize the children at schools and have parties for them there for safety sake but many still go door to door.
The leaves are blowing around wildly today and after I took these pictures I came inside with icy droplets falling from my hair and down my face. But, I love days like this really. It's wonderful to take a walk and hear the wind, watch the rain in the puddles or on the lagoon and bay as it falls. You can see the rain failling in the pond on this other photo.
I got up early today and went over to the vet who is just 3 blocks away . He and his wife are new in town. I switched over to them because of their wonderful personalities and I was just not happy with the new lady my old vet had hired. Her attitude was not good about the animals. The new vet's waiting room is unlike any vet I have seen before. It is like someone's living room really. Clean, fresh smelling, lovely lamps, upholstered wicker furniture and its large and warm. I was impressed.Anyway I had to return a blanket they lent me for Brandy and pick up the one I had brought her in the other day as she "tinkled" on it. They took it and washed it clean for me. There are two more days of Deramax pills for Brandy but more of the senility meds and the chronic pain med Amantadine. I will refill the Deramax and see what goes from there.
Last night Brandy had made a mess before I could get to her. I can't quite count how she is doing on rainy cold days since those days are hard on anyone with arthritis. But on the nice days she was doing better and able to get up if not walk around like a pup. She has had atrophy in the rear legs and that can take time. I do know the pain is gone and she is happier. But, if I see that despite the lack of pain she still cannot really get around anymore and she is miserable, then a final decision will have to be made.

This photo isn't blurry, those swirls are from the rain.
I hope wherever you are , you are warm and safe and doing well.


  1. Leave it to you to show such beauty on a stormy day ! The fish are so brilliant against the dark water...what a picture ! The sun will come out for you...hang in there...

  2. Hi Annie! Awww so sorry to hear about your doggie, but that's great about the new vet. They sound like true animal lovers. Your kitty Sandy looks as though she understands. Such a precious picture, and they are both beautiful creatures. You have such a beautiful way of writing, I enjoy coming here. Your sukkah is wonderful and peaceful. I can almost smell the cedar now, I love that smell too and appreciate it. I wish I could have dinner there with you too.
    The best of luck to you and your baby. I will say a prayer for her.
    much love and {{{huggs}}}

  3. Hi Annie! I agree that it's safer for kids to have organized trick or treating. After Hurrican Katrina they began "Trunk or Treating" where people parked their cars at the school and kids went from trunk to trunk. They began decorating their cars all up. I think it's a great idea! Your pond looks lovely with therain. I have a fish pond on my iTouch and when I shake it, it "feeds" my koi food. (((Hugz)))

  4. Here's the loi pond on YouTube:


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