October 8, 2008

We have had some chilly weather the last few days and the heat kicked on. Farmer's Almanac says it will be a cold winter. I don't mind cold winters as long as it does some good like killing off ticks and things.
I took this photo of the back bay area because I am trying to have a photo remembrance of how it is in all seasons. Here the grasses are turning more tan than green as autumn comes in.


  1. Hi Annie! Your pond seems so peaceful and nice. Di you see those recent reports about fish pedicures.... haha. Ever stick your toes in there? ;) The back bay area photo is beautiful. Happy Yom Kippur! (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie, honey,
    i was just over here at your site a little while ago and then had to let Ben back in, and I lost ya lol
    Yes, it's late for us isn't it? or i should say early, lol I fell asleep earlier and then woke up and decided to stay up for a bit. Getting sleepy now, thank Goodness.
    Your pictures are so beautiful, and you must be right on the ocean side. that would be like a dream, you are very lucky.
    loved the video too. i know what you mean about getting colder and killing things off, it seems like the fleas here never go away. it gets expensive buying that stuff every month for two pets. and i hate putting chemicals on them, but don't know what else to do.
    geeez, i'm writing a book here lol
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. Isn't it interesting , some folks are geographically oriented . Some love the mountains or desert or woods.For us , it is the water,ocean or bay ,that "floats our boat "! Your pictures are food for the eyes . Thank you !!!
    To Sandy- a friend used to tie a bandana around his dog's neck and put a few drops of oil of pennyroyal on the cloth . The oil repelled fleas ! Check it out.


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