November 24, 2008

Back Home

Last night I picked up Brandy's remains from her cremation and brought her home. The ashes were put in a lovely cherry wood box with a golden lock and keys on it, much nicer than I expected. I don't really know that I had any idea of what to expect. The cherry box was placed in a little green gift bag lined with tissue paper and there was a card inside with a story on it about the Rainbow Bridge between heaven and earth and a poem that was heart touching:

"Farewell Master, yet not farewell. Where I go, you too, shall dwell. I am gone before your face, a moment's time, a little space. When ye come where I have stepped, ye will wonder why ye wept"... by Edwin Arnold.

The staff there are compassionate and caring and they try all they can to make things easier for you. I appreciated it all very much.
It is odd but I was anxious to pick her up and I am happy to have her "home" again.


  1. Good Morning ! Thank you for this window into your's lovely to share time with other ladies .You see the world in such a clear way.So glad you have your little friend back,free from pain and fear.I wish you a peaceful,fulfilling day,full of joy !

  2. I would say of course you wanted to go and pick up the little box, it's a way of feeling close to her. I understand completely.
    I hope your doing well! I lost a cat once and i cried for six days and six nights straight. I remember it so well. Then I still hurt for a long time afterwards. They are such a big part of our lives, and just like a family member. Some say they are closer than family members because they are with us constantly. I wish you peace in your life.
    Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of Central Park. I had no idea the park held so much. I have a great desire to go there, and also NYC. Someday I will go.
    I understand how no one would eat the corn, etc from Gettysburg. I can imagine the feelings one would get from being there.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) huge {{{hugggs}}}

  3. Hi Annie! We have Dylan's ashes, too. We have a beautiful hill where we've scattered the ashes of 2 of our previous dogs but Jeff could not part with Dylan's ashes. We did take some and scatter them on the same hill but the rest are in a revolving cherry wood box that has photos of Dylan on each side- at the beach, in the snow, etc... We received long letters from 2 of his vets- they had cared for him so long and he was such a miracle story that they were attached to him, too. Anyone who works with animals is a good person, I'm convinced! :) Glad thar Brandy is back home with you! (((Hugz)))


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