November 5, 2008

Blustery Rainy Day

It has been raining on and off all day long from a fine mist to a steady rainfall Leaves have been coasting through the air all day long fastening themselves to the ground in shiny wet profusion.

I like days like this because you can feel cozy inside sitting with a cup of hot tea or coffee and watching the warm light spill outside on the ground.
Watching the seagulls play in the gusty winds is fun. They seem to love to catch an updraft and ride it up then down again and do this over and over like little kids on an amusement ride.

I have seen fish in aquariums do it with bubble wands too. There is a little kid inside everything perhaps. I don't know but its kind of nice to think about.
The wind is blustery and its a Pooh kind of day.
The photo here is real and taken on a rainy blustery day but the rain drops are done with Photoshop to give the appearance of being seen through a the window.

Hope your day is going well and that you are keeping warm and cozy too!


  1. It may be a gloomy day there, but you got a beautiful photo from it.

  2. Your rain is coming my way tomorrow. Today has been spectacular, never know it is November.

  3. The colors of the Autumn leaves seem to be even more vibrant on grey days...the better to encourage you,my dear ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Hi Annie! It's a warm, blustery day here. We live on a hill and I watch red-tailed hawks ride the updrafts. Jeff has an uncle that was a fireman but his original plan was to be a vet. He loves animals and when I met him he was working at an animal hospital. He decided to join LAFD and has never regretted it a day. He loves every day that he gets up and goes to work and thinks he has the best job in the world. Enjoy the weekend! (((Hugz)))


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