November 20, 2008

Cold Days are Here

snowy in the mood for tea

Snow is coming! It is very cold out now and going to get colder through the night. I don't mind too much except that I have not had a chance to prepare my ponds properly and still didn't buy a heater for the deep pond. It takes a lot to freeze that one so I think it should be okay til I get to the pond store by me. Hope so anyway.
I think I need to take in my UV filters for the winter. That won't be fun on the front pond since that UV is underwater. But I also have to clean the regular filter in that icy water too. What a grand experience that is! Oh well, I wanted ponds so I have to do the work to keep them up.
They are well worth it though as the beauty of them is enough to compensate for what work there is and really, there isn't all that much work to them. Once established they are mini ecosystems on their own.

This photo was taken in Central Park on a snowy day last year by my friend.

I am about an hour and 20 minutes from the city but in a very rural area.

New Jersey is far more rural than what most people think. But the city is gorgeous in the snow especially in the park which is a landscaping marvel . I hope to be going into the city to the opera this winter again, though not quite sure what I will see if I go.

I just wanted to share this lovely view of the park bridge with you. See the swan?The park was designed by Frederick Olmstead Law the great architect and it's acre upon acre of more beauty than one place should be allowed to hold. There is a Shakespeare park with all the flowers and plants of his day. There are bridges and tunnels galore, waterfalls and ponds, lakes and babbling brooks. There is a rustic walk high up in the hills of the park where rustic wooden bridges and falling water are a truly lovely sight. If you get to the city, make a day of the park. You won't be sorry. I think a perfect vacation is in NYC with a show, the opera , the park and the museums.

Hope you are having a warm evening wherever you are!


  1. Hi Annie! I truly thought that photo was a painting- so gorgeous and with the swan, too! I've had 3 different trips to NYC. Once on my own with just Justin when he was a little boy and we took in all the sights and Natural History Museum. On another trip (Jeff marching in a firefighter parade after 9-11) we wnt to MOMA, The Guggenheim, etc... the more grown up places. On an earlier trip, we ate at Windows on the World atop the World Trade Center. Anyway, I LOVE NY! All our trips have been in Sept or Oct so would love to go for Christmas! Except I don't like to be away from home at that time. Dilemna! ;) (((Hugz)))

  2. Thanks so much for brightening my day !!

  3. So lovely and a description that lets me "see" what it must be like. As I said, have never traveled anywhere and never pictured NYC as clean and pretty. Thank you


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