November 4, 2008

Life Goes On

a gray, cloudy, kitchen cleaning day

feeling artistic today

It has been very chilly at night and during some of the days. Briefs times of 70 degree temperatures seem to have gone by the wayside and it is growing more and more autumn like daily. Yet, life finds a way even amid the falling leaves. This miniature rose, one of several in different colors that I got in the grocery store, is blooming anyway as is the million bells petunia and the Alysum next to it. They are not going wild with blossoms but it just shows how life persists even in seemingly adverse times.

The trees are aglow in oranges and reds and they seem almost to be on fire in certain lights. Some trees take on an almost neon look. I think along with spring when there are the blossom 'blizzards' as trees shed their flowers, this is one of the nicest times of the year.
You feel good to be safe and warm inside with a steaming hot cup of tea in your hands staring out at the gray skies and brilliant folliage.

I love these tiny roses. It is hard to grow roses here except for the wild beach roses "Rugosa" that grow here in the sandy soil.
They, along with beach plums have their own beauty and the plums make great jelly by the way. I think you might possibly be able to buy some from Cape Cod specialty shops since the plums are big news there. When the beach roses are done they get huge rose hips on them that are loaded with vitamin C ..more than orange juice by the way and also make some nice jellies and jams though I never tried that. I know that there is such a thing as rose hip tea also.

By the way the music on the blog is a radio station called Sky.FM which offers many kinds of music stations from oldies to classical and this one you are hearing, smooth jazz. They are free but also offer a premium variety without interruption or commercial.
You can access the stations yourself HERE and you can let it play on your computer as you do other things if music is something you like.
Hope your day is going well.


  1. Should I be hearing music when reading your blog?

  2. There is music playing yes. If your speakers are on you should hear light jazz music.

  3. Lo is you are in firefox you might not hear it. Firefox for all the hype has some problems and I find a lot of things just don't work on it. The music plays in Internet Explorer though.

  4. Thank you for all you do to brighten our days with joy,hope and beauty !


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