November 30, 2008


It has been raining all day long and it can be hard to wake up fully on a day like this. I have been warming up with hot tea all day too as the dampness is hard to shake out of your bones on a day like today.

I spent a lot of the day putting things away, picking up after myself , cleaning the kitchen and painting some new graphics and working on blog headers. I keep going back over things.

I have to submit some drawing ideas for a children's book also and I will work more on that tomorrow.

The little smilie above has a Mr.Coffee like maker but I use a coffee press from Europe myself. I don't like the stale taste that coffeemakers with plastic give to the liquid after a short time. You just can't get that stale coffee taste out of the plastic parts and it imparts it to the coffee I think.

With a glass coffee press you get a fresh tasting cup of coffee each time I think and since I keep a hot pot with boiling water going all the time it is really fast than a coffee maker. I can make 8 cups in just under 2 minutes. The only draw back is that you also need a thermos to keep the remainder hot. But, I dont think thats a big deal.

Can you tell I have coffee on the brain?

The day flew by today and although I think I probably got a ton of things done, the rainy day makes it feel odd and I just feel sluggish and sleepy headed.
It's nice to be warm inside at night.


  1. Hi Annie! I love coffee but tea is what I drink on a rainy day... not that we get too many of them. Actually, I have a pot of tea everyday, rain or shine. I use a Boddum Assam Teapot which is a press style, too. I keep it on a granite hot plate that you heat up in the microwave... I heat it for 4 minutes while my tea is brewing... I also use only loose tea. Sounds like I'm like with my tea like you are with your coffee. For coffee, I have a Cuisinart coffemaker and grind my beans. :) Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  2. What a beautiful photo ! It gives the feeling of genteel lovely ! It is strange how much the weather affects our moods...the rain makes mr want to snuggle down with a good book and hot tea.Have a comfortable evening and a sweet sleep !


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