December 13, 2008

And So the Week Begins.....

it's a balmy 66 degrees , overcast and threatening outside. Bring back the sun!

This cute Bollywood video made me laugh hysterically. Someone "translated" the Indian, but of course they did not translate it at all but merely wrote words that sort of sound like what the Indian guy is saying.
It reminds me of being a kid and hearing words and songs and misunderstanding what is said... Like for year as a kid I thought the National Anthem had the words "dunzerly light" instead of dawn's early light. I remember thinking that dunzerly must have something to do with a dungeon.
I have seen lists of song lyrics that people had wrong that were really funny. Sometimes you just can't make out what the real lyrics are.

I hope this short video makes you laugh like it did me.
We just don't laugh enough sometimes.
Hollywood did a good Bollywood take off of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in "Bride and Prejudice" which is a lot of good fun and stars Aishwarya Rai and Naveen Andrews from *Lost*. If you never saw it, I believe it might be on Youtube or Hulu and it is entertaining.

It is very short but I laughed a lot.


  1. So good to read your posts ! Even people speaking the same language have a hard time understanding each other ! sometimes what I'm thinking just doesn't make it out of my mouth in the right way at all...silly me ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Enjoyed the Girly Man video. That's what our governator Ahh-nold likes to call people. :) My son used to say in the Pledge of Allegiance "...and Justin for all." That's his name. :) Have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  3. Well the video was something else!
    It's funny the song lyrics we misunderstand, i know a lot but can't think of a single one right now.
    have a beautiful day!

  4. that's funny what Darylynn's Justin used to sing lol

  5. Hi Annie! I make my own hummingbird food, not the feeder. :) Although I bet that wouldn't be too hard to do. We should research that. You could make one out of an interesting shaped bottle. :) Do you know Connie- on my reads. She's a big bird lady and knows all about feeding them. She's in NY so a neighbor. :)

    Here's a link to the mobile feeder I have on my patio. I have another type off my kitchen. This one is really nice and I paid about twice that. They've come down in price!

  6. That. Was. Hysterical.

    I was really afraid though... of those red leather pants!

    Thanks for your visit today!


  7. Everyone seems to feel my new template is easier to read so that's a good thing. I'm using the same one with a winter theme, too. Busy preparing for our family Christmas party this Saturday night. I'm always relieved when that's over and I can relax and enjoy Christmas. :) (((Hugz)))

  8. Hi Annie! Thanks for making me laugh. It's so funny how we can misundertand words. Emily sing "Mary had a little man" - no matter how many times I tell her that it is "Mary had a little lamb"...she is convinced that I am the one that cannot understand it. :-) I could tell you many more, but will spare you. :-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  9. Love this new's the only way I like snow ! Have a warm,toasty,lovely day !!


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