December 23, 2008

Cold and Wind Settle In to Stay

The ocean is down to a chilly 39 degrees now, the temperature is 13 tonight and the waves are holding at 5 feet. Brrr....

For the last two nights the wind has been howling like a freight train coming round the bend . It makes you happy to be inside where its warm.
I have been rereading this book by Henry Seidel Canby. It is about life in Wilmington Delaware in the 1890s.

Written in 1934, he makes the comment that the generation gap was non existent at that time and that it was the cause of most of the troubles in what he saw as a let down of the American family.

He said the gap in ages past had been very wide but as parents clung more and more to their childhood, trying to retain youth, the children were forced to grow up far too fast narrowing the gap between generations. He has a point.
When you married in the generations before the 1920's etc. you "grew up" and left childhood and youth behind because your children needed parents.

He also tells about religion, politics , what they read, how they lived,etc. Its a wonderful book that I found in Lake Placid , New York in an antique store.

It's a quick read so won't take too long. When that happens I read two at once.. well you know what I mean. So I am also in the middle of "Lincoln" by David Herbert Donald.

Lincoln was certainly not a great hubby. The tales about his wife are not tempered with some pertinent facts either as she was quite sick with severe headaches and left alone most of the time. It is not as we were told once you know the real facts.

They were very in love until the end, though as his friends said, Lincoln was not an easy man to live with.

I found this photo of Woodrow Wilsons 1913 inauguration. There were so many there that they were stacked up on the roof of the capital. If you enlarge the photo you will see it.

Just click on this one to enlarge it... it is HUGE! You can see the detail then with amazing clarity.

If it just me or do you also find photography amazing? To see the past ! Wow.
Enjoy your day.


  1. We are reaping the fruits of that "gap"...each generation seems to be a poor carbon copy of the poor carbon copy of the generation before it...and so on .It is a time when shirking responsibility is the norm and children are left to raise themselves.G-d help us !

  2. I loved the picture of 1913 inauguration. That was amazing. Parents today don't seem to know how to parent. Not all but a lot of them!


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