January 18, 2009

Blurry Photos

I tried to get some photographs of the Cardinals and BlueJays who are coming to eat the fresh seed I put out early this morning for them, but, if I go outside they fly off. The ones I have taken are through the window and so a bit blurry and the screen is in the way.
Here they are anyway.

You can see where Mr. Squirrel has been cribbing on the feeder.
Worse than a horse!

There are lots of chickadees and tiny dark gray birds coming to the chalet too.

Under my window is a window box and I sprinkled that with seed also. I know, I will pay for that in the spring with weeding out anything that grows from it, but it has to be replanted each year anyway. I took this photo from my chair at the desk .

Some things got accomplished today. I moved my computer desk which is just a plastic fold away table from BJ's, from the corner of the office to in front of the window, so it is much nicer and warmer too. I placed two low bookcases on either side of it.
Next I suppose I will turn the piano inward to face into the room. It is way easier to open the back of it that way... its a little baby grand.
So the tiny office is shaping up bit by bit. I need more book shelves though and I think I will make some one of these days.
My friend and I made a white eyelet table skirt for this cheapo desk and it looked so nice, but I need to redo it a bit and add velcro round the edges to hold it up.
It was all one piece with a piece of material over the desk top but it took too much wear and tear that way. Now I think velcro around the edges of the table and the skirt will look much better. I think I will make a more tailored skirt for the desk also. The eyelet was pretty in the bedroom but it's not for an office I think.

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  1. Good Morning ! The changes to your office sound so nice , you do have a talent for design ! You might find a bedskirt for your project...the extra material can be used to lengthen it and attaching velcro would be simple ! they come in so many colors and styles , hopefully something you'd like .Have a wonderful day !


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