January 28, 2009

Late Night Snow

Good Afternoon.

I took some photos very late last night as the snow was falling.

This photo captured the snow falling so nicely. Of course I photoshopped in the cartoon tea set.

Today there is snowy rain falling and its slushy and misty and foggy. I remember walking to school in this weather as a kid and loving it. It isn't great for drivers or walkers really but kids put up with and enjoy far more of life than adults. I hope I can remain a kid for a long, long time.

No photoshopping here though, just falling snow in the darkness.
I was surprised how the snow showed up on these photos.

I will be changing templates on Cottage pretty soon. I have been toying with using 3 columns and I think I have come up with a nice plain template that I like. Still deciding but I like plain looking pages since they are easier to navigate and read so I have been designing one that will be three column, one color , plain and easy to read and look at. Now I simply have to transfer things from here to there and then put the whole thing on this site. No big deal really but, I just can't decide if I like it better or not yet.

I also reanimated my "self portrait" bear on the side column. I am not done with it yet I think but I keep giving her more facial expression and monkeying around with time and lapses, etc.

Hope you have a good day.


  1. Love the pictures and love how innovative you are!

  2. tea in the snow would be just perfect,

  3. Hi Annie! Very cute photo with the steam coming up from the teapot and cup. Your little animated bear is adorable, too. Do you do that in Animation Shop? I used to love to play around with that. (((Hugz)))

  4. Lovely photos. It looks so peaceful and beautiful with those big flakes coming down.

  5. Hello dear sweet Annie! Wow it's been awhile since i've been here but i had fun playing catch up from your entertaining posts.
    the little animated bear is something else! she made me smile :) and is very cute.
    love the photo's of your birdies, they are very cute. i also love the snow pics as that would be a real treat for me to actually go for a walk in the snow! i'm really wanting to do that. no such luck unless we're in for a road trip.
    the befunky pictures are really cool, and i will have to go and check the site out for sure!
    sorry it's been so long since i've been to your sweet little home!
    can't wait to see the new layout, as you can tell from my site, i love to play around with different themes too! :lol:
    have a beautiful week-end!

  6. Hi Annie! Just stopping by to wish you a great weekend! I'm on my own both days so will have lots of time to play. I'm downloading new Apps for my iTouch right now and will explore the new PSP version I downloaded for a 30 day trial. (((Hugz)))

  7. The snow photos are so beautiful and serene ! As a Summer Girl , snow photos are my favorite kind of snow ! Spring is coming , giving you gorgeous flowers to capture with that great camera...Have a splendid day , my friend !


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