January 24, 2009

Life Happens

Frozen Bay Reflecting the Mast

The bay, the lagoon of it, is frozen over again this year.

My friend took this photo last year when the bay was just beginning to freeze over . I love how she captured the reflection in the ice.There are a couple of birds there on the ice also.

Thursday we stopped on the way to shop to look at the half frozen, half open river and seek the flocks of seagulls sitting on the ice. She took a few photos then too as I had,yet again, left my digital camera at home. I really need to get in the habit of bringing it with me everywhere.

I love how the blues and the whites offset one another in winter.

Here is something I have been thinking about.
One time a long while back I remember hearing a man say that too much of our lives is lived haphazardly, just falling into things.
As children we decide to be firemen, nurses, cowboys, astronauts, anything that fires our imaginations but we grow up and often take jobs we never even thought of much less dreamed of. We fall into things, life happens to us, we don't plan it well enough.
There are some who will say you can't plan life because things happen, but that is a lame excuse if you think about it. You can plan and just because roadblocks or street signs deter you from one way doesn't mean you can't go another with equal design and intent.What I mean is that we don't have to just let life happen to us. We can take the reins and direct life where we would like it to go or at least in an approximate direction. At least I would think we can.

I often wonder how people came to do and be what they are. What accidents or twists in life brought them to where they are now. Or, did they plan it all to be exactly as it is?

Did you plan your life out? Did it go as you expected or did you just sort of find yourself in situations and a job, etc.?

Would you do things differently if you could or are you satisfied with how life is going?


  1. Very interesting thoughts. I am satisfied....now. I wasn't when disability put me in my present situation but I have found it ended up being almost better. I heard today, Who and what you listen to most will affect your life. Seems kind of true!

  2. I feel that life is an awful gift. I don't think I really ever wanted it. Now, since I was born, I have to die someday. I don't like the idea of that much either.

    Like Jimmy Stewart did in It's a Wonderful Life, "I wish I had never been born". Ironically, someone would have drowned had I not been, and I still feel that way. I guess that I'm a very selfish person. In very few ways is the world a better place from my having existed.

    To me, the world is an unhappy miserable place, full of people doing innumerable horrific and bad things to each other.

  3. You are here to help make your corner of the world better than it is and to make yourself better too.
    You were born because God wanted you to be here for some good purpose for yourself and others.

    The world can be unhappy and it can be miserable but only if we all keep it that way.

    Sometimes we are the worst ones to judge what good we have done.

    If you had not been born, you would not have commented here :)..so thats good no?
    I think it is.

  4. Sorry for coming here and posting that.

    I'm just a depressed person, and there really is no helping me. I do thank you for trying though.

  5. :) There is always help for anyone. Dont ever say that.
    You don't have to be sorry to say that to me.
    Its ok. Its what friends are for no?

  6. I have a clear memory of an older lady ,asking the four year old me , in a condescending manner and nasal voice , " Sooo,dear , what do YOU want to be when you grow up ? ". Even then I knew I wanted to be a wife and mother (to at least four children)...and a ballerina ! Most goals were met...life intruded and things change . The task at hand is to define the "present" me , using whatever skills exist to the good of those around me...


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