January 7, 2009

Rainy Night

I used to like to take walks on cold rainy nights. I love the way what little light there is shimmers on the ground in the puddles and on the glistening rain drops on left over leaves and branches of trees.
The sound of the rain in the creeks and ponds splashing down , and the patter on the roof is wonderful to hear.

There is also something wonderful about looking at the golden glow coming from homes along the way.

At night it is silent here, just a barking dog once in a while, and it is pitch black with just moon and stars in the black sky.
On rainy nights it is even darker.
Local kids play "manhunt" in the woods. All dressed in black colors they hide and seek one another through backyards and on into the woods, splashing through creeks.
In winter they don't play often, it's too cold but in summer you can hear them hushing one another and moving like ghosts through the brush stirring up the odd bird or animal.
The leaves on the ground in the rain are still bright despite having lain there for so many months now.

Rainy cold nights have another advantage;the radio can be heard at night.
During the day we get some reception but at night the AM radio reception dies off almost completely...the FM too for the most part. Too close to the ocean for good reception at all.
Do you listen to radio at all?
What do you like to hear if you do?
I would love to hear what you enjoy.


  1. I'm always listening to music, in my car, in my home and when I am on the internet I listen to Pandora Internet radio. When I am on the internet I like soft music..I listen to Enya, Jim Brickman, Sarah McLackin, etc. Pandora is free and I also have it on my iPod touch....I love it! Have a good day!

  2. Sometimes reading your blog is like reading poetry....kind of music for the eye!

  3. Hi Annie :)

    This picture and those in the last post are really beautiful. I love walking in the rain at night too, so I know exactly what you mean :)

    The music I listen to is on my blog. Sometimes I listen to other kinds of music, but for the most part it's either country or big band.


  4. Hi Annie! Another lovely poetic post. I'm going to be a "wet blanket" tho because I don't like being out in the rain at all! I do like being inside- in that golden glow- and hearing the pitter patter outside. I also hate fog and drizzle- good thing I'm a California girl!

    I have noticed how sound travels better on a clear night... we can hear the freeway then! LOL! More wet blankets! ;)

    I only listen to the radio in the car. At home, I listen to my iTouch where I download all the music (and videos) that I like to hear.


  5. Hi Annie!
    I love the way you described the creeks, i have such a fondness for them. my gramma's had creeks on their properties up in the mountains of Tennessee, so you brought back some wonderful memories for me. I also loved how you described the walks in the rain to a T! exactly, i couldn't have said it better and have felt exactly the same. it's a wonderful feeling.

    Your photographs are gorgeous! you must have a great camera. I love the Robert Frost poem, it's always been one of my favorites.

    oh i enjoyed reading about your books. the one about Lincoln sounds interesting. i enjoy reading books like that too.

    I love listening to the music we have on the cable channels. lots to choose from, plus we have some nice speakers hooked up to the tv, so it sounds great. i find myself listening a lot to the "easy listening' channel and they play the really old songs from just about every era. (instrumental)
    Music is a big part of my life. I don't know what i would do without it. While driving i like to listen to album rock, and soft rock or oldies) once in a blue moon, some country. Some of my favorites are: ELO, Santana, Sade', Melissa Ethridge, Barbara Steisand, and even David Gray. I don't know, I guess i could go on all night LOL and i probably did :lol:

    I hope you are having a wonderful week! Good luck with the dresser hunting!


  6. Hi Annie! Love your interesting house painting... like out of a fairytale. Your rainy calendar is neat, too! Have a great Friday and weekend ahead! (((Hugz)))

  7. Those happy lady-houses are adorable ! They have so much personality ! Ah , the fertile mind of an artist ! I like smooth jazz generally,instrumentals only, and the rest depends on the mood...stressed =surf sounds and gentle slow-dancing music...happy = Michael Buble',rousing celtic music (bagpipes have been heard blasting out these windows from time to time !),and salsa to painlessly exercise ! Great stuff ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. I seldom listen to the radio in Paris. I always listen to it in the car in Provence and get really tired of the golden oldie stations because there is so much repetition. I listen to music when I exercise to pass the time, mostly easy listening type things. I am not into rap at all.


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