February 6, 2009

Friday Wind Down

The back yard is still covered in snow as you can see here.
Every season has its own beauty. In Spring the new baby greens will appear and the wild strawberries will cover the ground. In summer it will be bright and dark green and the smell of cedar and holly will be very strong. In autumn the firey hues will be stunning once again and then back to winter and its blues , whites and grays.
I love it all.

A comment sent me to youtube to listen to some Benny Goodman music and from there it lead me to the Theme of the movie "Picnic" with William Holden and Kim Novak.
I love old movies. Anything with Bette Davis (Now Voyager is a favorite), Joan Crawford, Edward G. Robinson, Paul Newman, I just love those old films. Black and white doesn't bother me and I am grateful to once again have Turner Classic Movies on my cable because they show some wonderful old films. There is another old movie channel too but its newer and I don't recall the name. AMC used to be better than it is.
Anyway, I found a trailer from "Now Voyager" and thought I would recommend some old films to you, if you have never seen them.
The complete movie is online at youtube if you are interested in seeing it.
No special effects, just good acting and interesting story lines and character development.
Now Voyager is on Youtube in full if you would like to see it.
Maybe I will see the whole thing Saturday night.

There is a flap over the Cheerios commercial where the man asks if the wife is watching her weight and ends with him saying, "shut up, Steve" to himself.
Marc Rudov head of some male something or other thinks is sexist and anti-male.
He says if women are strong they should not be in government or voting etc.
You can find the video from Fox News show HERE . Its called "Soggy Cereal" by Fox News. Its pretty interesting.

I just thought the commercial was funny based on "her" extreme sensitivity. It didnt occur to me that the man was somehow weak or stupid as the complaint says.

Women can laugh at this because we are laughing at ourselves and our sensitivity to certain things, not because the man is stupid.

Finally, the man says to himself.. Ok shut up Steve because he realizes he hit a nerve and that continuing is of no use , she is just too sensitive.

Just my view.

What do you think?


  1. I too like that Cheerios commercial and see nothing wrong with it. My hubby is always looking a commercials though that he think demean men! It must be a male thing LOL

  2. I think we sometimes have a tendency to speak without considering the consequences !While there might be a connection for some between eating cereal and losing weight , does that mean if
    I eat pasta there is a marathon in my future ? Or anemic , if steak is consumed ? or warding off a cold if garlic or orange juice is before me ? That separate moment to think before speaking is usually missing . Rather than blame the actor , analyze the WRITER of the script and wonder where Madison Avenue is leading us and why !

  3. Hi Annie! What a cute little baking graphic and your sunny day weather mini is adorable, too!

    I don't think the commercial is anti-male at all. Silly! It's typical of a hubby opening his mouth, inserting foot and then trying to extract it to no avail. If you can't laugh at that then you have no sense of humor whatsoever! ;)

    Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))


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