February 19, 2009

Gales and Clouds

Wind Speed: 25 knots gale warnings
Wind Direction: W
Sea State: Rough
Condition: Over head
Ocean Temp: 39 F
Wave Height: 7-9 ft.

Gale warnings are up on the ocean and bay. The winds are high and the waves are really dramatic. Good day to stay inside.

As the day wore on the weather went from nice in the morning to drizzly in the afternoon, nice again around sunset and then rainy in the evening.

Clouds were blowing in from the ocean side, which is ---->that way in the photo at left.

Just as the sunset was coming around the sky turned a glorious pink shade. I love when the clouds are fluffy and pink. I had to grab the camera and run out to take some photos and just watch for a while. It was so cold!! Especially with the high winds blowing up.
There were two shades in these clouds and I thought they were very pretty.

It is the end of the week already and I don't have a clue how that happened since it seems like it was just Sunday a minute ago. On this coming Sunday I am going to start on a piece about Lakewood NJ, a town with much history and where so many millionaires lived and vacationed in the 1800's-about 1965 or so. Since then the town has changed .
Cindy on My Romantic Home bought a postcard at an antique store and showed us the back message and it was from a very famous family in Lakewood. I wrote to tell her the history of the card and that is what spurred me on to write about the place. So that will be for next week.
I have some nice old photographs of the place.

Enjoy Friday!

funny pictures of cats with captions


  1. Hi Annie! Just sent you an email. The bunny ear photos are cute! Firemen tend to do that a lot in photos, too. They're always kidding around.

    Beautiful sky photo. You really seem to know a lot about your area. Will look forward to the story- sounds very Great Gatsby! :) (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie,
    It would be lovely to have your blog link to mine I'll do the same. Thanks for your visit and I look forward to reading your "Lakewood" post.
    Hugs Annabelle

  3. That sky is GORGEOUS !!!What an eye for beauty you have ! Despite the occasional warm days , we're still in the grips of winter...am sooo looking forward to Spring ! Have a brilliant day !

  4. Hi Annie! Yes, Jennifer Aniston's dress was beautiful. Because a lot of the presenters were kept secret, they didn't get to walk the red carpet so their dresses didn't get as much attention. Natalie Portman was an exception. On my TV, it looked hot pink but they said it was orchid. she's a beautiful girl! Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))


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