February 27, 2009

The Pleasure of Life

Little Pleasures in My life:

Dogs barking in the neighborhood.
Moonlight on the water ... pond, bay, ocean doesn't matter which....
violets in spring
Roses in summer
Crysanthemums in autumn
the sounds of the pond...peepers, frogs, fish leaping, water falling gently
Steaming hot cups of tea
Rich hot coffee with cream and brown sugar

Birds in the yard singing morning, noon and twilight
Jane Austen movies
Reading nice mystery books like Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express"

This about sums up much of life:

"Love.....If you have it, you don't need to have anything else.And if you don't
have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have."J.M. Barrie

But it is tempered by these:

Joy of warm breezes blowing through windows on summer nights
warm fires to sit by and glowing yellow lamp light to read by when its cold and howling outside your window.

It is feeling grateful for the life that God has given and continues to give so freely.

For the help he gives if we just ask, and for the sweet treasures that surround us on all sides if we look.
We have recourse to prayer at every turn and we are never alone.

Peace is hearing birds in trees, the bark of a dog in the twilight, knowing you have done your best in some way .
it is snow falling tenderly on the ground
the smell of fresh breadand the taste of homemade soup,
the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and cinnamon buns waiting to please your senses.
It is hearing someone say they are sorry and really mean it.

Love is children laughing and giggling and looking up at you with wide and tender eyes,
kissing tiny cheeks, holding little hands , hearing dear little voices....seeing them run to you with arms open wide.
it is the friend who never fails to be there,
it is notes and letters and emails from dear ones who do not forget....
it is a flower handed over by a friend to brighten a day.... a special look, a soft word ,

Beauty is reflections on water and light dappling through trees on a summer day,

snow sparkling in the winter sun,

stars glittering by millions in the black night sky,

light filtering out of homes onto lawns in the dark,

violets springing up from newly warm earth,
waves crashing on the shore,
creeks bubbling up and dashing forward on their way...
pictures children painted with their own hands and give to you, freely and with love.
it is someone being kind , being warm and giving.seeing an elderly couple holding hands as they walk along.

Lonliness is not having anyone to share your joy and sorrows with.

Acceptance is when someone knows you and still likes you anyway.

a broken heart is losing a child , not being loved and having no prospects for it in the future.

Sadness is not being able to make yourself understood.

Life is a journey and its filled with twists and turns , paths and highways, fast and slow, high and low.
Sometimes there is music, and sometimes there is not , sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh , sometimes we have joy and sometimes sorrow, rich or poor, sick or well,

But all of it is life.

Sometimes the paths are rocky and sometimes smooth and we walk them together or alone, but we move along an upward path to a goal that few understand.

Even when we are alone there is someone out there who feels like we do, knows how we feel and feels it all too, and there is comfort in that.


  1. Beautiful post, Annie and lovely photos, too. I'd like to go down that country road with the golden light. :) You really are a poet. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    PS. Yes, I should have my iTouch do my Monday big clean but I do have my Roomba and Scooba. ;)


  2. Is this poem about you? It is a well done, candid self-interview, and it is also quite poetic. It brings with it a bit of concern however.

    From reading your previous posts, you seem to be a woman in her early to mid 30's, who is very artistically talented, and a bit of a dreamer with a vivid imagination. You also seem to be pretty intelligent, I mean, just look at the intricacy of your blog. I can't even make an html link work right more than once in a blue moon, and that's with cheating!

    If the following quote is about you, and not just written on poetic license: "a broken heart is losing a child , not being loved and having no prospects for it in the future." it just seems so impossible that you have no prospects for love in the future. In the little snippet of a color distorted picture you have posted, you are attractive, and beyond that, you also possess the qualities that I just referred to in the previous paragraph! We don't know what the future holds, and one shouldn't be so ready to write off the chance of romantic love, if that is something they truly desire to have in their life.

    I believe this is an old Yiddish expression, but "there is a lid for every pot".

    As usual, this comment is not meant to insult or hurt, and I should hope that it does neither.

  3. Yes its about me. It is what I find in life.

  4. I'm sorry that you feel that way. I also find myself going through these kinds of dark periods, where depression is overwhelming. Things aren't always so great, but there are many people much worse off than I am, and I do wonder what life might bring my way tomorrow. I still have hope that it will be something good.

    Just so you know, this is coming from someone who was almost deemed a threat to themselves, due to some actions that I pursued.

    This song really relates to all people, as our time is limited, and we may as well try to enjoy whatever existence we have.

    (I won't try to encode the link)


  5. Well I am not depressed. Like all people I have up days , blah days, but I am not depressed.

    I just see things as they are right now and its just seeing reality.

  6. Didn't mean to accuse you of being depressed, sorry.

    I hope things work out for you in whatever way you are wishing them to.

    I wish you happiness and good health.

  7. I know :) . it was not taken in a bad way at all. Just explaining myself a bit.


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