February 9, 2009

Springs Coming Soon

Spring is now more than half way here. The Spring equinox occurs March 20, 7:44 A.M. EDT , that will be the first day of Spring.
The Farmer's Almanac says this:

Test buds of peaches and other sensitive fruits for freeze damage. Bring in
a few twigs cut from the trees and place them in a vase of water. If the twigs
bloom in a week or two, expect blossoms in the spring and a crop next summer and
fall.Cut poles for peas, beans, and other climbers now. Peel off the bark
and set them in a dry area until they are needed.Keep this in mind while
pruning: Fruit usually grows on the horizontal branches rather than the vertical
ones. Vertical branches may be trained to become horizontal by weighting them
down for a few weeks.

These are things I have to do now. I have a climbing hydrangea that has grown roof high on the side of the house and must be clipped back a good deal. The house is a cottage, small and only one floor so it's not too high but it is not good for the roof to allow climbers to go too high.

I took this photo of the pond. It is a reflection of the house in the water. Kind of makes an interesting image.
The water is so frigid. There is a heater in the pond to prevent total freezing though, it would have to get very cold for it to freeze down to the bottom as its pretty deep. Still they need air and if a pond is completely frozen over they will die and any frogs hybernating in there will also.

I just found out that there are sometimes frogs in bags of salad. It seems that pollywogs get on the leaves and once packed there is enough moisture inside to keep them growing!

Can you see him in here?

Salad and a pet! Sort of like a box of CrackerJacks with a prize inside.


  1. Hi annie :)

    That frog in the salad made me crack up LOL

    I hope the fish are doing okay. It's warmed up here in Ohio, but we're expecting more snow soon.

    Oh and the cereal commercial... I thought it was funny too. People analize things too much ;)


  2. Most of the prizes in cracker jacks you couldn't eat either... that didn't stop kids from trying though!

    I hope that you didn't eat the frog! (yes, yes, I know frogs legs are supposedly a delicacy)

  3. Nope, no frog eating going on around here. I like the little guys.

  4. I was listening to a song that seemed to go very well with your response when I read it.

    I am terrible at html, but here goes nothing


  5. By Charlie Chaplin, yes, One of my favorite songs.

  6. That surf photo is wonderful !Funny how reflection shots bring surprises...this is such fun...unlike the frog thing ! eeeeuuwwwwww...


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