February 15, 2009

Sunday Night

Wind Speed: 15 knots
Wind Direction: NW
Sea State: Light chop
Condition: Waist high
Ocean Temp: 39 F
Wave Height: 3 ft.

It's Sunday evening and I am listening to Mystery Radio for a few hours.
All my favorites are on today and so I am enjoying them. Right now its Frank Merriwell.
Frank Merriwell was the fictional creation of Gilbert Patten, who wrote under the pseudonym Burt L. Standish.
The model for all later American juvenile sports fiction, Merriwell excelled at football, baseball, basketball, crew and track at Yale while solving mysteries and righting wrongs(from wiki)
I just love old time radio and I listen to it quite a lot.
It was a cold bright blue day today but it ended too quickly because I slept too long and got up too late . I suppose it should be an early night tonight and then I can wrap myself up for the night and get a decent sleep.
Tomorrow night is Big Bang Theory which I like and then Wednesday comes Lost which is getting better all the time.

The Frank Merriwell series ran in what were called "Dime Novels " and "Penny Dreadfuls" before and after the turn of the last century.

Outside the window the old, dim , yellow street lamp glows weakly in the dark and the neighborhood is silent. I suppose people are inside watching television or whatever it is they do on quiet Sunday nights.
I am here with the radio(on the net) and typing this up, nothing exciting going on at all and sometimes thats a good thing.


  1. That sounds like a good way to spend the day-listening to stories. I'm going to have to hunt those down on the Internet-sound like fun.

  2. Hi Annie :)

    It sounds like an absolutely wonderful evening to me. I wish they played that old stuff on the regular radio now, don't you? ;)

    It sure is gorgeous where you live :)


  3. So nice to share your pasttimes with us...nice to be included !I do enjoy the Big Bang theory...very witty and unusual .
    Many thanks for that darling otter video on my blog !! all warm and fuzzy...wish more people were like that !
    Have a wonderful day !

  4. What a great relaxing Sunday that was. I would love to hear those programs. Thanks for sharing Annie.


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