March 29, 2009

Another Year Begins at the Shore

Wind Speed: 20 knots
Wind Direction: SE
Sea State: Rough small craft warning in effect.
Condition: Overhead
Ocean Temp: 45 F
Wave Height: 7-8 ft.

Spring heralds the beginning of another year at the shore. The 'season' is about to begin and the tourists are about to return.

There is always a gentle pastel palette in the sky in the early days of spring by the water. Perhaps it is the mist in the air that diffuses the colors so nicely. Whatever it is there comes this soft peachy pink and gentle pale lemon color that layer with the blues and the whites of the clouds and lend a calming peace to the whole vista.
Overhead you hear the call of the seagulls and hear the gentle rush of a light surf and you can feel your body relax and unwind.

The salt air lets you take deeper breaths and heightens your mood I think.
Soon as the weather warms more, the pale green and gold of the rushes and sea grass will come popping up on the dunes and tiny sand crabs will busy themselves with their daily chores. Sand pipers will be scurrying all over the sand trying to make a meal for themselves too. People will make their way back to their summer homes for the season or on get away weekends and the beach, private now, will be filled with conversation and laughter. This sight of empty privacy will be only in the early morning and late afternoon and evening when they go do other things and those are the special times of summer for the residents.
By July the sand will burn your feet and you will remember the soft deep cool of the autumn sand between your toes.
By August the smell of fresh cooking corn and sliced Jersey tomatoes will be common place again and eaten several times a day. I had to leave NJ to realize our tomatoes had no competition at all. Their reputation is well deserved. As a kid we ate them like fruit(which they are) out of our hands right off the vines, dark deep red and sweet.
August will bring heavier seas again too as storms brew in the south Atlantic and Caribbean and head north.
In September the tourist dwindle and begin to go home, Summer residents take off, some head for Florida, some back north. The sea is still warm and the sun still hot though.
By October Nor'Easters will be knocking at the coastal door.
If the weather clears a bit, I will go watch the fishermen going out the inlet to the open ocean. I love to watch them chug up the inlet with their lights sparkling on the waves.


  1. Lovely photo. I just noticed that you do the paintings too-they are fabulous.

  2. Hi Annie :)

    You make summer sound so wonderful that I want it to be warm again. That's hard to do considering Winter is my favorite time of the year ;)

    Hugs right back,

  3. Summer is beautiful but I find beauty in all the seasons....spring although is my very favorite....not too hot.
    Have agreat day, Hugs Annabelle

  4. Clever girl , you paint with colors and words !Beautiful results from all ! Those Jersey tomatoes are the best ! My father and I enjoyed friendly open-faced-tomato-sandwich -building competitions . It didn't really matter who won...the prize was in the eating !
    Have a marvelous day !

  5. Hi Annie! Sounds like you have appreciation for all the seasonal changes in your seaside home. Thanks for your prayers for Kali. :) (((Hugz)))


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