March 25, 2009

Springtime at the Bay

Where the Creek meets the bay signs of Spring are showing. Phragmites australis, reeds, which will reach upwards of 15 feet tall is popping up from the ground along the water.

The town put a load of crushed rock in places along the shore to let the sand build up more but it is a losing proposition. The bay is ever changing with islands popping up and going down over and over again. Inlets appear and then over time fill with sand and disappear.

During storms a lot of sand is pulled out from the land and people get upset but it helps to build a barrier reef of sorts temporarily. It eventually is washed back to shore and nothing is lost for long.

The water is clear usually depending on the waves. Here, where the Creek merges with it, you can see a hint of the 'cedar' water that flows into the bay from the Pine Barrens.

Cedar trees stain the water of the creeks a reddish tea color, but the creek is crystal clear with a sandy bottom.

I am not a great fan of Spring as I don't like the chilly damp weather it brings with it. I don't mind Autumns chill, as it seems like it has more of a warmth to it left over from summer, but Spring is too damp for me. I change my mind when apple and cherry trees create their pink and white carpet of petals all over the place.

Right now my kitchen is getting a much needed coat of pale yellow paint. I have been cleaning and tossing things out like a crazy person in an effort to slim line this tiny house that has no storage space at all. And last night I was given a brand new range hood that is very needed also.


  1. Hi Annie! The water looks very clear and clean. I always enjoy that term- pine barrens- it sounds so eerie. :) Interesting about the spring weather. Our family that lives in Carmel by the Sea always says the best month there is October. Spring is rainy and summer is foggy. (((Hugz)))

  2. Your header is gorgeous !!! Surely the breeze is moving the beachgrass ?
    So glad about the paint and hood...well deserved and long overdue ! Have a splendid day !!

  3. Beautiful pictures as usual. Feel the same as you about kitchen is painted "warm muffin" kind of a pale yellow like!

  4. I need to do some serious spring cleaning-mainly thinning out the clothes in my closet. I can only wear one thing at a time so why do I need so many?

  5. Hi Annie! Yes, sunsuits and photo booths. My mom used to say about how I looked in that photo: brown as a berry. :)

    One time 3 of us girls were in a photobooth and we were going to each take a solo photo and then jump in together. We told Laurie to jump out when it flashed. When the photo came out... there was just curtains... no Laurie. We laughed ourselves silly and I still have that empty booth photo. :lol:


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