March 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Thursday is hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. She has some elegant tablescapes and so do the ladies who post their own every Thursday. I have lurked for some time and been so impressed by the talent and beautiful ideas these women have. It's just amazing.
If you go to their sites you can pick up tip after tip from them.
These ladies really know how to do it up in high style and like most women bloggers they are more than generous in explaining how and what and etc. so you can learn from them too.
I decided to put up my tablescape from this past weekend. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos.

Lunch that day was beef stew and salad .
These photos were taken the afternoon before our lunch.

I folded each napkin differently including one under a cupfull of tea spoons in an oriental fashion.

This fold looks better with a double sided or two faced napkin really.
It is lovely for an oriental setting.

You can click any of the photos to see them enlarged and close up.

The lazy Susan in hand inlaid and made by my uncle.
I will have to post a photo of it alone one day.
Tomorrow I am babysitting for most of the afternoon, then back to my spring cleaning which has me pulling the house apart! Wish me luck, I am going to need it, but I am just being ruthless in tossing out so much junk and giving away duplicates and items I just really don't use.
I hope your Thursday is a good one.


  1. Your china is beauatiful and I LOVE those teaspoons with the teapots on them!

  2. Your table looks so pretty Annie, the china, silver, mats and glassware are beautiful and I love those teapot spoons too :-). Kathy.

  3. The whole experience was wonderful...elegant table setting , scrumptious lunch and exceptional company !!! You certainly knw how to make folks feel welcome in your home...Thank you ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Oooh, I luv the teaspoons with the cute! Where did you get them?

  5. Everything looks lovely and sweet. Love the silver candelabra in the middle and the dishes!

  6. What a pretty table. I love the place mats and the little teapot spoons are just too sweet.

    Have a Thankful Thursday
    from the Raggedy Roberta Anne

  7. Hi Annie! It's fun to set a pretty table! I have a cheat sheet that reminds me where to place all the silverware since I always forget! I know that china- but I'm blanking on the name- Old English Roses or something like that? The crocheted placemats are lovely, too. I have to restrain myself from buying to much china since I live in earthquake country but I have a lot anyway... not to mention all my David Winter and Dept 56! Glad you joined in... people always welcome you so you don't need to just lurk! ;) (((Hugz)))

  8. too! not to! Pet peeve of mine like your/you're! :D

  9. Annie the table is splendid! I luv how you folded those napkins and adore the silver ware...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I will need to give some attention to my house and mealtime now...hehe!
    Hugs Annabelle

  10. You did a marvelous job! I have the same china and I just adore it. Love your napkin folds!!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on mine. I'll look forward to visiting each other!

  11. Annie...this is beautiful! I love your lacy placemats and gorgeous china! And I'm so impressed with all the wonderful napkin folds! Great post for Tablescape glad you joined in! :-) Susan

  12. I adore Old Country Roses. I wish I had a full set, but I only have the tea set with place settings for 8. I would love to also have the dinner plates, as well as all the other pieces. I love your battenburg placemats, too, and your napkin folding skills are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your lovely table.

  13. beautiful! nice job with the napkins too!

  14. What an elegant table. I never spend time on that sort of thing when having company-due to lack of dishes and cloth napkins-but can see that it would be worth the effort.

  15. Just stunning. I love a table that is not overdone, and yours is perfect with your beautiful dishes and placemats. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  16. Love your table. The napkin folding is so impressive! You did a great job. Have a great day!


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