April 27, 2009

Beginning the Week with a Mess

My spaghetti and chocolate cupcakes are a hit! Can you tell?
The cupcakes were the fairy cake kind..tiny and got mushed into the mouth in one push and then the chocolate was sort of evenly distributed around the face and hands , arms and clothing not to mention table as well.
But she certainly enjoyed her dinner, the part that made it into her mouth anyway.
I have worked a bit on my ponds to get them up and running but I need to get UV filters for them since I hate that awful green water that comes if you don't use them. With a UV the water is crystal clear. Unfortunately I left mine outside all winter and they froze badly and are broken. So more money must now be spent.
But everyone gets a lot of enjoyment from the ponds so I keep them up as best I can.
Tonight is Big Bang theory which I really enjoy. It's silly and relaxing. I missed it but usually can see it online later on which is nice.
What did you do today??


  1. Hi Annie! That mess looks familiar! ;) She has beautiful eyes- the color looks so pale blue-green in the photo. Yes, we're pleased with how Kali is doing so far. We have a small waterfall and a fountain so are also fighting the green water. Hope you have a great rest of the week! (((Hugz)))

  2. I love the messy face! She is beautiful!


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