April 30, 2009

Thursday Come and Gone

It was a mixed day today. Misty and cool.

I did take some photos the other day though that might brighten things up a bit

Hope they bring a smile to your face.


  1. I love the pictures and it gives me hope with all the clouds and rain around here that one day it will be beautiful again.

  2. Anonymous01 May, 2009

    Just a question, but why do you almost never have photos of yourself? I don't read your blog daily, but from what I've read, I get the idea that you are in love with the Victorian era. You have some beautiful scenery nearby that would really fit well with the dress of that day. I'm sure that you could make a very interesting photo set of yourself in Victorian era dress, with your fantastic scenery as a backdrop! If done just right, you could even leave out any modern era things, like light posts or automobiles, from your photo sets, making it look a bit idealistic and fictional. Since you are an artist, and enjoy painting, perhaps you could take a couple of photos and put a Rockwellian touch to them.

    These are just some things that this photo set made me think about today, as I felt interested to see the person on the other side of the lense.

  3. Anonymous01 May, 2009


  4. My self portrait is right on the side bar----------->
    and it's animated too.
    I had a small photo of myself taken last year that I used for the profile on this blog.
    But I feel weird putting myself in a public eye. I am by nature a shy and modest person.

  5. I luv the pics Annie ....spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Annabelle

  6. Anonymous01 May, 2009

    You look beary nice! :p

    Being shy and modest is also a very Victorian attitude for women. Perhaps you were born too late (mostly I think people were born just when they were supposed to be, but that's just me).

  7. Hi Annie :0
    Oh the flowers are so beautiful! they are just perfect around the pond.
    The little girl is just precious and is very pretty. It looks like she greatly enjoyed the the cupcakes. I am so sorry you were having the allergies, I hope your all better now!

  8. The gloomy days may challenge our moods , but the soft light makes the flower colors really pop ! Such a beautiful place you have there !


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