May 22, 2009

Friday Again

I spent the day cleaning and looking at nature a bit while my front steps got nice composite railings but on.

Wisteria continues to explode.
There are more blossoms everyday. It will be sad to see its blooming season end.
Out front a new stair railing has gone up. Just a few cosmetic touches are needed now to finish the job which will include some top soil and painting the concrete stairs an appropriate color.
I also need to find a nice mat for the landing .The one I have now does nothing to stop people from tracking in dirt and leaves and etc. I seem to be constantely sweeping things up.

The ponds got good cleanings and in a few days will need another one. If I don't soon get UV filters that will be too much upkeep as the algae is getting ahead of me.

I found some nice gardening tips that I thought I might pass along from the Farmer's Almanac.
If you collect your egg shells and then crush them and sprinkle them around your roses you will discourage slugs from eating them.
Now is the time to prune suckers from your fruit trees before they begin to bear fruit. I did this a couple of weeks ago not knowing it was the best time. Talk about luck.
And now is the time to spread a little lime or wood ashes around delphiniums and peonies.

The Farmer's Almanac also gives you the optimal times to prune to discourage growth and to encourage growth. Scientists have found that this same schedule applies to surgery , but then who knows.

It is the memorial day weekend and I suppose people who used to travel might be staying close to home. Don't forget to attend a memorial service on that day because after all that is what the day is for.

Have a lovely weekend and holiday


  1. I guess as long as you don't look out and see your fish wearing scuba gear the water's fine. (stupid grin)

    PS: update on offspring?

  2. Hi Annie! Thanks for the tip about fruit trees. I have a Mexican Lime tree and it's very unproductive so maybe I should go after the suckers. All I need to do is google suckers to make sure I know what they are. Probably should google "fruit tree suckers!" ;) (((Hugz)))


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