May 19, 2009

Tuesday In Other Words.

Breakfast for two on the bulkhead! One nice blue claw crab for two.. ain't love grand? Actually they are competing for it and birdy number two isn't one bit happy that birdy number one got the crab and is hogging it for himself.

This is the view that I based the painting of my header banner on or part of it anyway.

Tuesday Memes come from In Other Words.
The quote for today is All things are difficult before they are easy.
-- Dr. Thomas Fuller

You take this quote and expand on it.

All things are truly difficult before they are easy because things are frightening and seemingly impossible many times before we attempt them for the first time.
Our first time driving alone in a car, our first child, first date, first new job are all difficult before we find them not as daunting as we first believed them to be.
It may take several tries before the trepidation turns to "whew, I can do this", but there are few things that remain as difficult at the end as they seem when we first begin.
I had a sixth grade teacher that I probably drove round the bend though I believe he did like me. I talked too much in class. I was a bit of a clown and certainly a talker in those days. As a result I ended up writing his famous 500 word compositions time and again.
They didn't shut me up though and so he eventually upped it to 1000 words and finally, the piece de resistance, a 5000 word composition on the power of words. This is sixth grade mind you! No typewriter, no computer, just me and my pen and paper.
The 500 word compositions were a breeze after the first 30 or so. I could knock those suckers out in no time.
One thousand was a bit more time consuming but, heck, I had a lot to say for myself and he was now my audience!
But the five thousand words had to be a novel , I thought. No one can possibly write five...count 'em.... thousand words and live through it!
But I did and I live!
Did I stop talking? No. But I did learn to write a bit more than the other kids and my handwriting became very neat and steady as a result.
My own daughter had him for 5th grade.
His first remark to her after noting she was my kid was, "Well,whadaya know! Welcome to my class where you might just possibly write your first novel!"
So what begins looking difficult usually ends up being a lot easier than you first believed.

You just have to begin in order to find out.

What do you think?


  1. I love this meme! Cant can't wait to do it!

    Those seagulls are real characters lol. I once saw a pair of them fighting mid air over a Cheeto.

  2. Hi Annie! Sounds like you had a wise teacher! My 6th grade teacher ended up being the principal at my kid's elementary school. When he saw me he said he felt really old! :) That really didn't come off as an insult since I was only in my 20's but I guess to have former students that were now moms... well, you get the point. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing the goings-on at the Shore ! The gull photo brings new meaning to the phrase "pecking order "!


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