June 30, 2009

In the Good Old Summertime

9PM Post Script: a happy note: my yard is alive with twinkling lightning bugs(fireflies) and that's just a happy thing!

inally another sunny day and a good time for a bit of shopping in town.

In our town there are concerts in the summertime.
On the bay by me there is Dixie land bands, barbershop quartets and chamber music ensembles that come every week.
At the park there are old time rock and roll concerts on Tuesdays or Wednesday nights that end with fireworks.
This continues all summer long.
On the ocean side there are fireworks every Wednesday night.
Some family and I were going to go see a concert and fireworks tonight but as time gets to go I am not feeling too well and think I will end up staying home. I think I ate something that didn't quite agree with my tummy.
Right now it's beginning to cloud up a bit and we were going to leave at 5:30 for the show at the park. The wind is picking up and you can see the backs of the leaves. My Grandmother said that's a sure sign of rain. We are due for thunderstorms yet again tonight but, its looking ominous right now also.

At this time of year the sounds of boats on the water increases. I like that sound.
You can hear the carousel at the boardwalk in SeaSide ....a gem of a one... playing it's old fashioned music and they always play that song, "In the Good Old Summertime".
You can smell the cotton candy and the fresh french fries that they sell.... the English malt vinegar that people pour on like crazy. I am not as close to the ocean, I am on the bay side which to me, is nicer and certainly safer in harsh weather.
The smell of the backbay and the salt marsh are things I love at this time of year.

At night on the 4th of July there is a place near me that sticks out into the bay and you have a 360° view and can see all the different town's fireworks at one time. It's a great place to be.
This year might be not as easy to do... daughter's surgery is thursday and my friends mother is in her final days. The 3rd of July is the anniversary of my other daughter's death. So all in all...but I do hope I get to see the fireworks on the 4th anyway, I need it!

The fresh french fries I mentioned are pretty cool. You can watch them making them. They heft up big bags of scrubbed Idaho potatoes into a machine that cuts them french fry style.
Then the freshly cut potatoes are deep fried in oil. The smell is out of this world.
Not another thing is fried in that special vegetable oil, only the potatoes so that the taste is never ruined.
If you come to NJ you will have to try those.
The photo above looks like a painting but, no, it's a photograph .
Have a great evening.


  1. Hi Annie! I hope you will feel well and will be able to see the fireworks. That sounds like a perfect spot! We'll have to figure out a good spot to take Ryan to see the fireworks- maybe Monterey harbor. He doens't like loud noises (as we know from the Roomba and Scooba) so maybe we should watch them from way afar! (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie!
    Hope you are feeling better and were able to see the fireworks.
    That is a great photo you posted!
    Take care

  3. Hi Annie, I hope by now you are feeling better and were able to enjoy the fireworks! I love the photo that you posted! We will see fireworks Saturday night at a baseball game that we are going to...have a good day!

  4. Hi Annie! Wishing you a Happy 4th! Your comment made me wonder if today is your daughter's surgery? Wishing her all the best if it is! (((Hugz)))

  5. Your posts are always so lovely...a lift to the spirit ! ...wonderful photos...thank you for sharing !
    Hang in there...you're wrapped in the prayers of those who love you...


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