June 17, 2009

Middle of the Week No Sun in Sight!


One day of sunshine and back to the rain yesterday and the clouds and very cool temperatures today. Though the grass grows like crazy the lack of sun and too much rain aren't good for most plants.
Its also cool. Chilly at night and in the morning. I can't complain as those are temperatures that I prefer really.
New Jersey is sub-tropical and so hot and humid in the summers and I am not a fan of that humidity.
When I lived in Utah it was wonderful to have practically no humidity. In NJ humid days are usually in the high double digits.. 80 to 90%. But in Utah 6% was more like it. You could hang jeans outside and have them dry in half an hour. In New Jersey.. good luck on having them dry in a year or so.
Actually its not that much of a joke. One year I hung out a pair of jeans to dry and it took two days.
During that time a tiny bird had built herself a nest in one leg. She was busy flying in and out of the top.
It wasn't a good location so I moved the jeans under a safe eave where it was rain free and used safety pins on the leg so her nest wouldn't fall out the bottom.
Mrs.Birdy raised a fine family in those jeans that summer.

Here is today's Meme. As I have said, I think memes are a nice way to get to know people.

This little meme has only two questions.
1. Have you ever played the violin?

2. Who is your favorite violin player?

Yes I have played the violin. I began lessons in the 5th grade.
I think my favorite violinist is actually two people
a. Yitzchak Perlman (Yitzchak is the real Hebrew way to say Issac by the way)
and b. Lara St. John.

The music you are hearing on the blog now is Lara St John playing "Allegro Assai".
You will not hear it on Firefox or Chrome as they are evil!
But you will be able to hear it on IE.

I have played piano since I was 3. I have also played flute, guitar and other things but piano is my other life really.

Do you play any instruments? If you don't what would you like to play if you could?


  1. I took piano lessons as a child and can still plunk on it if I have music sheets but not well. I've never tried the violin. I'm not very musical but like to listen to great music.

  2. Hi Annie! My mom wanted to be a concert pianist and studiied for many years but the Depression interfered with that dream. I took lessons as a child but didn't stay with it, sadly. Both my kids played clarinet in school. Justin was so proficient that he auditioned his way into UCLA. He wsitched from a music major and got degrees in communications and computer science. Jeff's grandfather, Felix Mills, was a composer/arranger during the Big Band era and played on radio and worked with Paul Whiteman, Disney George Burns, Gracie Allen and many others. He retired in his early 40's. (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Annie,
    we had an old piano in our house while growing up and i did take piano lessons but didn't stick with it. I also took violin lessons until my brother and i were horsing around and the violin bow broke. i tried to pick it up later, but the teacher wasn't very good. So that was the end of my musical career. i could kick myself for not staying with the violin, i just LOVE it!


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