July 8, 2009

Frog's Eye View

it's a beautiful, cool & sunny day .

ooking through the flowers to the other side of the pond you get a frog's eye view of all the goings on.
Fish leaping to catch a passing bug, frogs sitting and relaxing.
I have learned that frogs don't share. They are not sociable at all. If there are too many fish, turtles or other frogs they move along to greener waters.
Anyway, the ones I know do.
Each frog wants to be king or queen of their own domain.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Hi Annie: That photo is so lovely. The colors are perfect. Have a lovely day by the sea. HUGS

  2. Hi Annie!
    Happy Thursday! What a beautiful photo...so peaceful.
    Take care, we are living on vacation tomorrow, so I won't be online for a while.

  3. Beautiful picture and lovely thoughts. I love this time of year and enjoying nature. Hope all is well with you and family

  4. Hi Annie! My daughter, Jessica, is a big fan of frogs. As a teacher, she used that theme a lot. Foe the little ones, she had lilypads for them to sit on in their "pond." As a result, she got tons of frog teacher gifts. :)

    Did I miss while on vacation a post about your daughter? Wondering how things went with her surgery and all....



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