July 28, 2009

Tuesday Doldrums

today:hot,humid,sun tonight: feeling:

here is a case of summer doldrums going 'round and I have them. Just lazy, nothing wrong but I lack that 'get up and go' that I so love to have. I think it will be a painting day. I can always feel up for that!
Same with my piano. I never can't play. It is just part of me I guess.

Last night's sunset was particularly pretty and a good deal more pink that the photo shows. I couldnt really see any blue as the photo shows. It was an odd sky for that reason.
It was a vibrant sky to say the least which turned to inky blue so I could see the lightning bugs that came to visit.
Just wanted to share the view with you.

Got my Farmer's Almanac update today. I really enjoy when it comes because there are so many interesting things inside like this:

Rain Day (July 29)Rain Day is celebrated in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, where it has rained 110 out of the last 134 years on July 29. Accuweather says they will get dumped on with thunderstorms tomorrow.... how's that for tradition?

And this little tidbit was in the Almanac today also: For an "old stubborn pain in the back," apply garlic and hog's lard to the feet. –John Wesley (1703–91)
I am sure they mean "the" John Wesley ,founder of the Methodist church.
I love learning about these old time remedies.

Speaking of the painting and playing, is there something you can't do without? Something that you love to do and can always find yourself happy to be doing? I would love to know about it.

its ten on tuesday day.

10 Favorite Sounds:

  • 1. Rain

  • 2.Thunder

  • 3. Ocean waves

  • 4.Creeks babbling

  • 5.Those old fashioned Glass Chinese wind chimes

  • 6.Windchimes in general

  • 7. baby giggles , children laughing

  • 8.the sound of snow falling... it's light but sometimes there really is a sound, esp. when its lightly frozen .

  • 9. Piano music

  • 10. Wind sounds. I love the howling wind on a dark Autumn night!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my place. Your blog is so pretty, and your header is amazing!!

      Something that I love to do and can always find myself happy doing...hmmmm....I would have to say working with children. Whether it's at church, VBS, or helping out a friend, or even my own kids. I can't see myself not ever not working with kids.

    2. Anonymous28 July, 2009

      I spend a large amount of my time feeling unhappy, inadequate, a failure, etcetera. To try to take my mind off of all of this, and to fill some rather deep voids in my life, I have been writing ideas for a television show and posting them to a forum. I like to think that some of them have actually been used, but it may be that I'm just crazy.

    3. Here is the word I couldn't think of this morning - babbling. Perfect description, perfect list, lovely banner.

    4. Anonymous29 July, 2009

      I love this blog. Always calms me down!
      I'm living on the other side of the world, it's winter but it's sunny.... and I am feeling very agitated lately.
      So I come here and chill out...


    5. A beautiful blog...I must add it to my reader. And I love the babbling of a stream also

    6. DJ, thats very kind of you. I am glad you enjoy coming. That makes my day really.

    7. anonymous,
      TV writers seem to need a lot of help. I bet they do listen to their viewers more than we know.

    8. Well i am jealous of the rain there we need it really bad..I can't believe how many people remember that movie..so funny, but that squash is kindof scary...My back today is killing me sooo I will be sure to apply... garlic and hog's lard to my feet tonight and see what happens hehe!! thank you for stopping by!

    9. I was with your list until you got to wind. We get mistrals here and the wind drives me crazy.

    10. Hi Annie: What a lovely entry. I don't care for wind. We've had too much damage here. It grape jelly, not berries. These are Neotropicals. They migrate here in late April or early May and leave during the first two weeks of
      August. I get Baltimore Orioles and Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks. Have a great day. HUGS

    11. HI Annie! Wow your header is simply amazing! I just love it and wish it was mine *lol*
      I also love the sweet cottage you showed in one of your other posts. and i too love the awnings ( i know that's probably not right, i just can't think of the correct term right now )
      Love your list of 10. i'm with you on most of them, but one crazy sound i love is when the C17's fly overhead. I just love them and reminds me of a 1940's movie.
      We just had a wonderful thunderstorm roll through, and i love the sound too. It's nice that i didn't have to go outside into the sweltering heat and HIGH HUMIDITY to water everything, so that brought a smile to my face ☺

      Those sayings from the almanac are really cute, and i wonder sometimes if they all work. probably most of them do.

      oh you mentioned you used a lavendar cleaner on your floors. i have one too, it's by CitraSolv. I have the lavender and also the orange scented. the scents are wonderful and make my mouth water. The orange is so nice and clean smelling and not the awful orange that is in a lot of other products. I have a lot of the CitraSolv products. They are very nice.
      so sorry i haven't been around lately! thank you for the nice comments.
      Your site looks so pretty. I love the pretty sky blue backgrounds.

      Have a wonderful day! Oh when i get to feeling sluggish like that, I MAKE myself go for a walk or go swimming. But it's great swimming weather here cause the water is so nice and warm and you don't get cold. I hate swimming in cold water - brrrrrrrrrr I can't take it.
      That cute moon graphic with the Sturgeon Moon is adorable! I bet you made that too! I want that too :lol: I've never heard of the Sturgeon Moon? I will have to investigate!

    12. Okay now I know what the Sturgeon Moon is!
      The fishing tribes are given credit for the naming of this month's moon, since sturgeon, a large fish of the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water, were most readily caught during this month.

      A few tribes knew it as the Full Red Moon because, as the moon rises, it appears reddish through any sultry haze. It was also called the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon.


    13. Hi Annie! I would normally say I can't do without the computer but I actually did quite fine without it for the week we were in Yosemite. I also did well without any news whatsoever. And no TV! Miraculous, I know! I think the things I most can't do without are my little family of pets. At any given time, at least three are within arms reach. :)

      Yes, we always took our kids to Yosemite so we will look forward to taking Ryan. Maybe next summer as he will be closer to 3 years old. (((Hugz)))

    14. Beautiful header !!!
      Things i love to do ? Read (especially if induldent enough to plow through it undisturbed !), cook - I'm lovin' all the summer produce and great dinner salads . Ooh , try this for dessert - put a ripe banana , a cup of plain non-fat yogurt and a cup or more of summer fruit ( blueberries , strawberries , peaches or cherries ) into a blender and puree 'til smooth . Pour it into frozen pop forms and put it into the freezer . When firm , release as many as needed into waiting hands for a sweet , low-fat , yummy treat ! If you run out of pop forms , pour the mix into plastic ice cube trays , with or without sticks . It gets too firm to put into larger containers...too hard to scoop !


    I love hearing your thoughts and your visits mean a lot to me.