July 21, 2009

Window Boxes and Other Things

later tonight:

indow boxes are something I really love to have. I never really get them planted as lushy or as much as I want. I took this photo last spring.
This season there are small dark purple violas in it. I need to add more and some draping vine too.

I noticed tonight when I went outside that there are no crickets making noises. I didn't see many lightning bugs either though there were a lot of them earlier. Maybe its the end of their season now? I don't know.

I have a bunch of projects that I want to finish before summer is over. I want to install a wire trash basket inside a bottom cabinet in the kitchen and put some shelves in the space that should have been for a dishwasher but will just never be. I have a *skirt* across that and I think it might be a good place for my pots and pans rather than the garbage space it is now.

I have a new hood for the stove and I need to find someone to put that in for me.
And a new kitchen light, since the old one died and I have that to get up also.

There is a television series that is very nice called Kingdom. It's from England. You can see the first season of it on Hulu and then the second and third seasons on youtube.
I hope there will be a season four as it is a very nice series.
It's about a lawyer in the small town of Market Shipborough and his trials, triumphs and tribulations. The characters are people you just can really like and enjoy. People you have met in life and recognize really.
The town is by the sea like my own town here, though more town-like than we are here.
But, we are coming up in the world even to getting a stupid Wal Mart a few towns away and a Home Depot!
They will starve.
There just are not enough people here to make it work. The roads are tiny and old .

I was looking at "Twitter" and "facebook". I guess they are nice for some reason, maybe to keep track of people you don't really want to have decent conversations with, but other than that , do they have any purpose? I am not on either one, so I don't know. Do you use them? What do you think of them.


  1. Anonymous21 July, 2009

    I use facebook because I am in danger of falling off the face of the world. Occasionally I find myself using it to communicate with a friend. The rest of the time I just use it to make little news blurbs about myself.

  2. Hi Annie: That is grape jelly in the jars. Orioles and Sapsuckers love it. I go through between 15 and 20 quarts each summer. Your area sounds so lovely. Have a perfect day. HUGS

  3. Your photo is wonderful !!!The reflection of that massive rhododendron in exhuberant bloom takes my breath away ! What a good eye you have . Coming to your place makes my day happy...


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