August 18, 2009

atching HGTV late last night, I was struck by the thoughts of some of the couples. Mostly in their 30's, they were newly weds seeking a first home and the idea of a large backyard was something that turned most of them off.

One of the couples agreed that a child would consume all their time leaving little time for yard work or for one another.

Where do these ideas come from? That's what I was wondering since my thoughts were so different from theirs.

Are they part of the same ideas that keep people from marrying and committing til later and later in life? It does seem that people are marrying later now and that marriage is falling out of favor with many people. I must have lead a very different life.

I was very young when I married and had 2 kids by age 21. I am young enough now that people think my grandbaby is my own baby. Also young enough that my mother in law was still having babies when I was!

My daughter also married very young. She married the first boy she ever dated and they saw no reason to wait til she was older. So marry they did and after a year came along a very cute little sweetie pie.
Years ago people desired a big back yard for "the kids". It was just assumed you'd have a houseful and they would want to play in the yard.

Even with all the leisure time today and the time saving gadgets that people have, it seems that they don't have enough time!
What is that all about?

Today if you marry young people assume you "had" to marry. Well no, I didn't. I chose to marry. That I married the wrong person..notwithstanding , but my young age was not a detriment to success. Of that I am sure.

My own mother married at 31. She just never met the right fellow until my Father came along.

Can you succeed marrying young?

Well my daughter, partially home schooled, is now running a medium sized corporation in New York City.I don't think you can find a person that young doing that very often!
She worked while being home schooled and learned to manage a medical office and to be a coder. She parleyed that job into another high paying super responsible job. She has made quite a name for herself now. She learned by "apprenticeship" really, working part time after school since age 14 . By 18 she was running a medical practice for a vascular surgeon and now she manages a whole company.
She is also going to college part time and just completed her freshman year in May , making the Dean's list. She also had a new baby a year ago.

It can be done. I think it is all in how you look at life and how much you are willing to put into things. I think that being a go getter has a lot to do with it also and she is.

Its Meme Day.

Name 10 fads you just don't get. Hmmm.....
Well... I guess
1. body piercing
2. tattooing
3.being on phones texting 24/7
4. greasy looking, gelled up hair
5. super skinny women
6.super high heels
8. reality television
9. ending every sentence with the voice going up..valley girl style
10. huge soled shoes ( I know but I am coming up empty now!)

Well it's what I came up with for now anyway.


  1. How a woman as beautiful as the woman in the red negative photo could end up with the wrong guy is perplexing to say the least. I guess beauty is not the determining factor. Still though, you think even the wrong guy would try not to mess that up.

  2. Hi Annie: I'm with you all the way on that post. I'm also with you on Twitter, piercing,, tatooing, and super high heels and most reality TV. I guess I'm just with you today! LOL Have a great day. HUGS

  3. I agree with the post and I agree with the list.
    Its nice to be in agreement with people this afternoon after the awful morning I had with disagreeable clients!
    Have a great day.


  4. That's kind of you anonymous


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