August 4, 2009

Finding Things

ews is that Jill and Kevin were invited to NY by ABC morning news to be interviewed. ABC put them up in the Millenium hotel and then, when they found out that the couple were also scheduled for an appearance on the Today Show, had them throw out of their hotel.
From what I have read the competition between the morning news programs is "vicious".
Seems so. Awful to do that to them. How exclusive can news become anyway? If it's news, its news to everyone.

It's hot and muggy today. I have to help a friend find a lost diamond ring today and am slowly pulling myself together to go and do that. It's awful when you lose something that's precious to you. Hope we find it. I found it for her once before. Yes, this is a habit, but there are extenuating circumstances surrounding it so.. it's okay.

Ten on Tuesday asks you to list 10 favorite characters from television.
I was never a television addict, not sure I can even think of 10!!! but here goes:

  • Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother

  • Captain Picard of the Star trek series

  • Barbara on the BBC comedy Good Neighbors

  • Pauline Collins' character from the old BBC comedy No Honestly and the movie Shirley Valentine

  • Niles Crane from Fraser

  • Benjamin Linus on Lost

  • Lilith, Fraser

  • Patrick McGoohan as John Drake on Secret Agent

  • Dwight Shrute on The Office

  • Sheldon on Big Bang Theory

  • Brian Austen Green 's Derek character on Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Cameron character also

I didnt think I could find 10 but I found 10 and one extra I had to include. There are others I thought of that are not included.
Which characters do you enjoy?

Late night note: found the rings! All is well.

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  1. Dearest Sherlock Holmes ,
    Many thanks for your successful investigative efforts...millions of blessings poured out for you !
    She'd be so pleased !! Huge sighs of relief from all and sundry !


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