August 20, 2009

I Don't Need a Hurricane


Wind Speed: 10 knots
Wind Direction: S
Sea State: Very smooth
Condition: Waist high
Ocean Temp: 76 F
Wave Height: 3 ft
UV Index: 8

urricane Bill is headed up this way. We have had enough rain all summer but this will dump a deluge on us if it comes. Bermudians are already battening down the hatches for the blow and the weather centers are predicting that it will be at the outer edges of the Maritimes in Canada by Sunday. That's a fast moving storm. Winds are clocked at 120mph but hopefully as it hits colder waters northward it might slow down. And, hopefully it will remain far out at sea though we will see it's effects in the surf and some rain I suspect.
The last big storm we had was 1991. They made a movie about it called The Perfect Storm and it hit us very hard. Much of our little village on the watersides got hit badly. The movie showed what it was doing way out at sea farther north in Massachusetts.
When I let my dog out into the yard after the storm, she trotted off happily, then about 20 ft out had to begin swimming. There was so much water. As a Labrador Retriever she was in her glory... surf in her own backyard!! A Lab's dream come true.

No repeats of that , thank you.
It is hot today but I hope to get some house cleaning done in spit of the heat as well as working on some art projects.
Hope your day is spiffy.

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  1. Hard to write - Midnight swirlling around my ankles demanding attention ! Your header is wonderful ! They all are !! I'd love to be that girl by the beach today...could use some salt air and surf sounds, wiggling toes in warm sand ! Ahhhh... I'm with you about the hurricane season...blow it all out to sea , please ! Hope you have a splendid day !


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