August 10, 2009

Getting Things Done

mentioned a while before that my old finished it yourself dresser had lost a drawer. I was able to finally repair the bottom of the drawer using thin fiber board and hot glue and tape. (Yes a mess, but it worked). However, yesterday I got a nice gift of a dresser and mirror and chest of drawers for my room. They are very pretty. I will post photos when the room is done.
I finished transferring all the clothing and I have tons of drawers left over. I am not a fashionista so I don't have a ton of clothing. But I do need storage room and this will provide it.
Now its a matter of getting the mirror up. It's rather huge and too heavy for me to even lift let alone put up.

Now as for the old dresser....

It has 6 drawers . Three on one side and three on the other. I will remove 3 on the left side and take out the runners inside and turn it into a computer desk.
If the top isn't wide enough I can add a piece across the top. And, I believe they do sell slide outs for keyboards that I can try to install under the dresser top.
It will give me a nice place for my computer with plenty of large storage drawers on the right side.

Right now I use a small old kitchen table as my desk. My keyboard is on the same level as my screen. The screen is 22 inches which is nice for my art work.
Not sure how I will like having the keyboard lower but I will trust those who say I do.
I will take photos once it's all done. I will need to add a coat of black semi gloss first.
I will be making another porcelain ribbon for the new mirror and I will post a photo when that one is done. It will probably be done in white.

I made this flowing white and gingham blue bow over the old mirror. It is a molded mirror from WalMart. I spray painted it silver and then overlaid it with real silver leaf that comes in papery thin sheets. Then I burnished it until it sparkled.

Then using several yards of material, I made a large bow with long flowing ends. I soaked it in white glue or "stiffy" and then squeezed out the excess.

Then I formed the blow and its ends in a flowing way over the mirror and pinned the folds in place so they would stiffen that way. I used wax paper to make the bow stand up and out. When it dries, it is like porcelain.

This photo is awful, I don't know why it does since the real thing looks very nice.

Curious as a Cat's meme for Monday:

1 Do you express how you feel or do you keep it inside?

No. I keep it inside.

2 Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?

Both. Depends
3 Do you remember the first names of all the bosses you've ever had?

No. I doubt I knew all their first names anyway.
Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

That not one American Indian is represented in our national government. And the one Indian who was a state attorney for Arizona was replaced by the new administration recently.


By the wayRue at Peanut Butter and Jelly Life is having a lovely giveaway. Take a look. She always has lovely posts anyway and you won't be sorry if you take a look. Her decorating skills are wonderful and she comes up with some of the neatest ideas.


  1. It seems things are always out of balance somehow. One person has too much furniture and can't pay people to take it from them, another doesn't have enough and has trouble getting it. If I had a pick-up truck, more money, and more free time I could get rid of, err umm, unload, errrrr give :) you more furniture than you'd know what to do with. I know that I don't know what to do with it!

    Good luck on all of your projects.

  2. My first boss: Miss Romo. She scared me to death.

  3. Hi Annie: I love that mirror. Goodness, you are a talented lady. Have a lovely day by the Sea. HUGS

  4. Hi Annie! Great news about the new dresser and good plans to turn the old one into a computer desk! Do you use a drawing tablet for your graphics? I know they are popular with artists. The mirror looks beautiful! Yes, Ryan had a blast at Sea World and wasn't it just yesterday he was being born? I agree! :D (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Annie :)

    You are so sweet to mention me! Thank you :)

    I think the ribbon looks beautiful over the mirror!

    Oh and normally I keep it all inside too, but the blog is helping with that ;)



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