August 28, 2009

ust when you think the rain is over , there is it again! Rain until late Saturday. It's hurricane season so it's expected but what was the rest of the summer's excuse?

As I was doing my furniture moving a friend called and came by to help me lug books to the newly moved barrister bookcases. I managed pretty well with the armoire cabinet even with the tv inside. I just took it slow and since I don't have carpets it went okay.
I like how things look right now and there is a bit more room which is always nice.

I got a registered letter today from people who are buying government land behind me to build on. It's wetlands and one wonders how they get around that to put up a house/houses on it.
The houses will need to be built on stilts because the water table is very high. The woods behind me are laced with small, crystal clear sandy bottomed creeks. They are everywhere and they all flow out to the bay. They are home to fish of all sizes and frogs, turtles and are safe places for ducks and geese chicks to learn to swim, and for raccoons and other animals to get freshwater clams and a clean drink.
I hope it's only one house. They just can't ruin the land like that.
Most of the little creeks are not deep, some only a few inches deep but they are just everywhere. Some flow only in rain storms but most are filled with clear water all year long.

A few meander and some are babbling brooks racing out to sea over smooth pebbles and rocks but, they create a small wonderland in the pines.
Walking back there under the canopy of pines, holly trees, and cedars the sunlight dapples down in dots on the white sand pathways and sparkles along the creeks in a profusion of diamond glitters.
I marked the water in the picture because otherwise it looks like plain white sand.

Some are wide and filled with cedar water , crystal clear but reddish tinted by the cedar trees that grow around it.The largest one collects from the small creeks and widens into the bay eventually.

Canoeing is very popular in some places around.

Some are so tiny but you can see occassional little fish darting on by if you watch.

I am not sure what they intend to build. Lots here are large, though houses are very small. Many were built in the late 60's and records say they sold for $14,000 new.

I hope its not a bunch of huge McMansions on tiny plots of land. They are lovely homes but look odd so close together.

I feel sorry for the people who might buy too when a bad storm hits . They better get water wings.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.


  1. Hi Annie;

    Thank you so mujch for your visit to my site. I'm so glad you stopped by. Darylynn mentioned that I should visit and I'm so glad I did. I now have you bookmarked and will drop in to say hello often. I haven't been to Cape May in years. I used to love vacationing there.

    Have a lovely weekend. ~hugs~

  2. Hi Annie: Your area sounds so gorgeous. I'm surprised anyone could build on wetlands. Stay safe from the storm, Danny. Have a great weekend. HUGS

  3. As they say, "Money makes the world go 'round", and "A politician who can't be bought off has yet to be born".

  4. Sounds like you had a busy time ! So satisfying when one's home looks closer to their ideal . Have a great week ! Love your photos !

  5. I'm glad Toni visited you. You are a couple of furniture movers! LOL! She is a graphic artist, too, so you should have lots in common. Sorry about the people buying the land. When we moved to Agoura there were sheep grazing and now it's all homes. Hope it won't be a McMansion near you! (((Hugz)))

  6. I found your site and it is truly lovely! I also loved the pictures of the water! Beautiful!

  7. Hi Annie! Jessica is in good shape now- she has a doctor and she broke down and cried the other day to this lady in charge of the maternity wing of the hospital and now they are best friends and she even gave her a private tour of the facilities today. :) Pays to have those out of control pregnancy hormones! ;) (((Hugz)))


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