September 24, 2009


thunder storms.

Today was a change from the cool weather. It was too warm and very humid. Tonight, or this morning I should say, we are having thunderstorms and maybe that will cool things off a bit.
I was getting really happy about the cool weather.

My computer is having major meltdown issues. Rundll32.exe is gone.. other stuff gone, unwanted ads.. all kinds of nasty things.Very nasty stuff.
I can't access internet or email or even load things anymore . Tomorrow or Friday morning a relative is coming to see what can be done.
I am using someone else's computer tonight.
(Oh how the color changes from computer to computer!! Colors on my paintings look NOTHING like they should on here.But they never look as good on computer as in person anyway.)
It's a top computer though, does everything but tie your shoes.
I have so much to lose on my computer. Tons of art work. Most is saved but some isn't yet and of course I have way too much music that could not be replaced. But everyone who has a computer knows that feeling.
If Windows has to be reinstalled we will download my things from the hard drive onto this computer and then reinstall Windows .
It would be so nice of Windows were a faster , better tool.
Hope I can save photoshop. I do most of my art on it.

I miss having a dog around. I sometimes hear Brandy's nails on the floor coming down the hallway. Of course she's gone, but I sometimes hear her sniffle or walking. It's odd but when someone passes that happens for a while.
I heard my baby(my little daughter) crying for a long time after she was gone. The mind keeps things shelved inside and lets them out once in a while to make an appearance.
I see little dogs and I think how sweet they all are and how much they make good companions.
I can't afford vet bills and so it would just be so unfair for a dog.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Annie did your recently lose your dog sweetie? I'm so sorry to hear that. It sure sounds as if you have. I know that pain, sorrow and loss. My little dogs do make wonderful companions. I am so happy I have them! or maybe they have me! LOL!
    Whichever way it's a wonderful gift from God. I'm sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you get it all fixed up soon. I have a mac it does not get any viruses or worms, but I also have a PC for my laptop. It does get things, but so far it has not been inflicted with anything. Have a great weekend. big hugs

  2. The dog passed away last October after a long battle with Cancer and Lyme disease.
    My little daughter has been gone a long time now, but still just as loved as ever.

  3. Hi Annie: I'm sorry about your dog and your computer. I had that happen last year. I had some stuff on Flash drives, but not all. Have a lovely Fall Friday. HUGS

  4. You sound so sad lately Annie... I'm so sorry about your daughter. I had no idea. There are no words.... (((hugs)))

    If you do have the money for a new computer someday, I suggest an apple. no viruses or glitches that I know of so far :)

    Thank you for the puzzle site. I'm addicted already ;)


  5. I have Windows Vista and hate it. There are all sorts of problems all of the time. I'm used to it though so guess I'll stick with it. Good luck.

  6. Hi Annie sorry about your dog and your child that is still in your heart and the loss of both. I keep all my losses close to my heart too. I pray your days are better soon. Big hugs

  7. I send you sunshine , amid the rain
    I send you love , to ease the pain
    May you have flowers on cool summer days
    and friends to cheer you by deep blue bays .
    Free verse is usually my poem of choice,
    Tonight , I'm using my "greeting card " voice !

  8. Hi Annie! Sorry about the computer problems! In addition to my McAfee software (came with my Dell) I also use a freeware program called Malwarebytes. It has found, fixed and removed things that even Norton couldn't. It's rated highly by CNET. There's a pay version but you can also just use the freeware. It's HERE:



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